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Procreate is undoubtedly the most innovative and powerful digital drawing app for iPad. Owing to its amazing features, it remains to be the top choice and preference of the all the budding artists to make their remarkable drawings. This amazing app has a fantastic game-changing double-textured brushes system which produces all the desired shapes effortlessly capturing everyone’s attention in the best possible way. It allows you to blend the shapes with your basic color to get an exclusive look that gives an aesthetic appeal to your work. It also allows you to erase the unnecessary lines which enhances the accuracy of the sketches.


The Procreate is basically an amazing iPad painting tool that allows you to get an innovative and unique painting experience with just a single tap. You can create some of the worlds most impressive and sophisticated paintings with its brush interface. It is a great way to refine your skills and become more experienced as a painter. You can use the smooth-lines feature to easily lay out the objects in your painting. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to applying different techniques to your work.

The Procreate brushes are some of the most advanced and unique brushes that can produce amazing results. The fine-tipped and large oval brushes produce nice round shapes, while the soft synthetic hair brushes are used to produce soft and subtle strokes. The wide variety of brushes allows you to choose from fine, medium and extra-fine size brushes depending on what is most suitable for your artwork. The app has various sizes of brushes that allow you to change your work according to the type of artwork you want to create.

The fine Procreate brushes are designed with high-end technology and are ideal for sketching, painting, and other professional applications. The smooth-edged oval brushes have smooth transition lines between various colors. The fine-tipped and wide bristled procreate brushes are ideal for creating intricate details on the edges and corners of the artwork. The soft and flexible synthetic hair brushes create soft and subtle strokes on the canvas.

The blend brush pack allows you to blend different types of shadings and color variations together. It is also useful for creating contrast and enhancing the effects of shadings. The brush pack contains different sized brushes such as thin oval, long straight, round, square and heart-shaped. The versatile round brush is useful for applying a variety of texture and varnishes. This is one of the Procreate’s greatest highlights that allows you to seamlessly transition between various painting techniques.

Procreate has an extensive library of textures and paint textures including those by Intarsia, Blending, Cubism, Oil, and Airbrushing. These textures are great for creating paintings from your own imagination. The blend brush is a must-have when using textures.


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