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Procreate: An Innovative Program For Your Apple iPhone

procreate pocket

Procreate: An Innovative Program For Your Apple iPhone

Procreate Pocket is iPhone App of the Month for: Best Overall iPhone App! It allows iPad artists of all ages to sketch, paint, and draw without compromise, no matter where inspiration strikes. Developed by Savage Interactive on the rugged and endless beaches of Tasmania, Procreate Pocket allows you to zoom in to tiny pixel-precision landscapes and make the best fine details, no matter what size your artwork is. Even if you are not an artist, it can be a great way to keep your work out of harm’s way. If you want to share it with others, it also works as a social networking tool as well.

The basic idea behind all the great apps on the Apple Store is that they make use of the devices’ amazing hardware to allow new and existing customers to do more with their iPhones and ipads. That is exactly what you’ll get with Procreate pocket. With the same beautiful artwork that you see in the professional version, you’ll also get access to an extremely fast drawing and painting process, with incredible support for both portrait and landscape formats. This has got to be the best design feature on the market for the touch screen tablets.

Even if you aren’t a professional artist, you can still use Procreate pocket to improve your sketches and paintings. It comes loaded with an awesome interface that makes it simple to pick colors, change palettes, add effects, and so much more. As mentioned above, the only limitation is the size of your graphics tablet. This makes it a great app for anyone who wants to take their skills and show them off on the go. Some other neat features of this amazing app include a large number of brushes to choose from and over 50 unique painting styles that you can switch between. This is definitely something that the procreate pocket version does not have.

The procreate pocket also has an in-depth section devoted to learning how to sketch and paint with acrylics. This is a great feature to have, especially for people who don’t really feel confident with the other programs on the market that let you handle touch screen tablets. The built-in tutorials have lessons on everything you could ever want to know about drawing and painting with brushes. If you’re still unsure about which styluses are best suited to you, check out the forums that are available for users of this amazing program. They are active users and have put together a comprehensive list of what are the best brushes, what are the most recommended ones, and so much more.

The procreate pocket isn’t just full of innovative features. It is also loaded with fun and interesting extras that will make using your pencils and pens even more entertaining. The app lets you earn achievements by drawing and painting and it encourages users to share their work through the different media sites. You can also use it as a virtual canvas, which means you can bring your favorite images from your photo album or a snap of you and your kids from last summer. The brush palette is large and the functions allow you to go as complicated as you want with your stroke definition, size and brush selection.

Even if you aren’t an artist, you will appreciate the way this application simplifies drawing and painting with the iiphones. It is very easy to learn the new functions and you won’t get frustrated by trying to zoom in and out of an image. It is also a very affordable option compared to similar programs that you may find on the ipad version and the iPhone. The procreate pocket is definitely a must-have for anyone who loves to draw and paint with the Apple smartphones. The size and features make it the perfect choice for the young generation of today!


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