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Procreate – An Affordable But Quality Painting App for Your iPhone

Procreate pocket is the ultimate digital art studio which s prepared whenever and wherever you’re. Designed entirely for iPhone, take the power to sketch, color and make anywhere. New look with revolutionary new technology. Procreate s flagship feature is a whole new user interface. The touch screen gives you a whole new experience designing and sketching.

procreate pocket

Brush Studio: Create, sketch and modify brushes in Procreate pocket using a wide array of brushes such as; glistening, brush heads, erasers and even pencils, in addition to numerous effects to adjust brush size and color. This powerful and sophisticated drawing app gives you all the power and versatility to modify your brushes and get creative with your design. You can also save and load brushes. You can also see all your sketches on the lock screen of your phone.

Drawiture: For the serious painter and professional artist, Procreate Drawiture is an ideal companion for their pocket PDA. With the ability to export images straight from the Drawing Center, this Procreate 3D drawing app gives you the ability to print out your creations or even email them to your friends. This innovative drawing tool provides hundreds of great features and tools for professionals and amateurs. Plus, there’s a free version for your iPhone. You can also use the drawing tools in Procreate pocket on your iPhone.

Time-Lapse Replay: With Procreate, there is no more need for long sessions with your computer. You can easily record your session using the Procreate time-lapse replay feature. When you record your session, you’ll have the ability to watch in real-time as your painting progresses. You can zoom in and out of any object or change the size of brushes.

Brush Engine: The Procreate Brush Engine does not have support for the newest versions of the iPhone. But, it is a very functional tool for your pocket PDA. With easy to use controls and an intuitive interface, the brush engine of the Procreate takes the confusion out of designing pocket paintings.

If you’re looking for a good painting app for your pocket 2, the Procreate may be a good choice. It offers a wide variety of tools, which are great for both beginners and pros. However, it lacks support for the latest versions of the iPhone. There are some great alternatives for your iPhone, like PSP Artist and Acilic. You can save quite a bit with these apps, as well. And you get professional results, too.


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