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Procreate – A Powerful Drawing App For Your iPhone

procreate pocket

Procreate – A Powerful Drawing App For Your iPhone

Developed by award winning artist, Savage Interactive, Procreate Pocket is the world’s first pocket drawing program. You can create your own professional artwork from anywhere on your smartphone. Create professional quality artwork without worrying about high-cost tablet PC prices. This simple, yet beautifully designed, desktop publishing program offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful drawing tools that are designed to help beginners and experts alike produce professional quality artwork.

Create unique digital art with the Procreate pocket drawing app. The draw features in this innovative drawing app include: iSketchbook Pro, iSketchbook Widget, iSketchboard, and iSimplify. Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with Photoshop, Coreldraw, and Google, iSketchbook Pro allows you to zoom into super-resolution images and make even the best details pixel perfect. There s also Gaussian Blur, another popular drawing tool, which helps soften lines and make fine lines more vibrant.

Procreate has received numerous iPhone 5 reviews from happy users, because the interface and user-friendly interface make working with Procreate easy. In addition, the wide variety of brushes makes it possible to create a multitude of effects, including 3D effects. You can also change the size and shape of the brushes, while applying them to the canvas. If you love to paint in bulk, then the iSketchboard feature of procreate pocket software is perfect for you. This feature allows you to quickly create multiple sketches on your iPad.

The procreate pocket program designed by Savage is easy to use for both beginners and advanced artists. Users have access to hundreds of illustrations and thousands of textures, objects, and colors which can be easily manipulated with the touch of a button. Plus, the built-in editing tools help you change your image for free and save it to disk or the App Store. With high-quality vector graphics, you can create professional-looking drawings that can be shared with your friends and family. This innovative program designed by Savage Digital has been designed to match the needs of both casual and professional artists, no matter how experienced they are in digital drawing.

Although you can draw on the screen of your iPhone, procreate pocket is more than just a drawing app. If you need to print some of your works for personal or professional use, the app also lets you to export your work to the Apple’s iSight camera. The iSight camera can be connected to your computer via the USB cable. The built-in iSight Camera lets you view your images on the iPhone’s monitor, or in digital painting software on your Mac. The software has been tested extensively on the Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Now, you don’t have to carry around your computer, as everything you need is available in one convenient app!

It is highly unlikely that any professional artist will be complaining about using procreate pocket to enhance his or her skills. In fact, procreate pocket has the capability to turn an average iPhone into a sophisticated art tool. With a large collection of drawing tools, the iPhone becomes an all-in-one drawing device. Plus, the larger display offers bigger space to play with, as it provides a real viewing area of the drawing software. And, with a large amount of colorful and cool effects, procreate pocket makes using the iPhone for drawing purposes a lot fun.


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