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Procreate – A New Generation Paintings App

Artists across the globe are abuzz with the all new Procreate Pocket Paintings and sketching tools that is currently available from the Procreate App Store. Powerful enough for two artists to create the original artwork you want, yet simple enough for the everyday artist. Simple enough for anyone to learn and use. Award-winning Procreate Pocket has been the best selling art program ever developed for iPhone, offering hundreds of new brushes, an all new layer system, and innovative sketching tools.

You’ll love the ease and fluidity that are featured in the Procreate application. Even if you’ve never painted a living person before, you’ll be able to use the Procreate application designed specifically for iPhones to create artwork for your friends, family and clients. You will have so much fun using the free versions of Procreate that you may decide to upgrade to a paid version later on as it has some fantastic features that weren’t present in the free trial version. You can also access professional services that are offered through the Procreate website which offers exclusive sketching tools. If you need help getting started with your drawing and painting experience, don’t hesitate to visit the official Procreate website for help.

The Procreate app for iPhones is very easy to use as it is designed exclusively for touch screen functionality, so you will be sure to love it. In fact, most people are shocked at how much fun it is to use. Many of the apps are so easy to use that you may forget you aren’t using a real pen and paper when in the midst of taking a quick sketch. As long as you’re close enough to the camera, you can easily upload your creations straight to your iSage or iPhone screen.

One of the things I absolutely love about Procreate is its ability to automatically stitch new images onto the canvas with a variety of brushes including a wide smudge tool. Its intuitive interface makes using the procreate application a breeze and allows you to quickly experiment with different canvas sizes, effects, widths, and colors. Its unique feature that really distinguishes it from other programs is its support for iSage’s new 4k ultra-high resolution displays. This high resolution makes everything you create look incredible on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Even the tiniest details such as brush strokes and background colors will be beautifully displayed. The ability to add text or create unique collages with your photographs is only possible with the Procreate platform.

The procreate pocket digital painting app is not designed to be a ‘one size fits all’ canvas; in fact, it is extremely flexible allowing you to manipulate and combine techniques and apply different effects to various images easily. One of the latest advanced features I really love is the Procreate Brush Studio. This easy to use painting app gives you the ability to edit and blend brushes in ways you never thought possible. You can also easily change the color of your brush in real time thanks to a powerful color editing tool that is easy to access.

With the Procreate pocket sized program designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, artistic possibilities are literally endless. No longer do you need to buy large professional canvas prints to display your beautiful work of art. With the Procreate, you can make beautiful, small pictures that can be displayed in your pocket and used anywhere.


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