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Procreate – A Creative App For the Apple Pencil

Procreate Pocket, the ultimate creation for artists, is the ultimate solution for professional artists who want to get their work out on the market quickly. Powerful enough for professional designers, simple enough for almost anyone. Award winning Procreate Pocket is definitely the best feature packed and all-around art program ever developed for iPhone.

procreate pocket

Offering hundreds of amazing brushes, high-quality drawing tools, and an innovative layer system, Procreate Pocket takes professional drawing software to a whole new level. Packed with everything pro artists need to turn their ideas into amazing works of art, Procreate Pockets ensure that you are able to create original works of art in an amazing iPhone environment. You can also export your work in many different formats such as JPEGs, PNGs, and others.

For many professional artists, one of the main features they are looking for in a drawing program is something that has the ability to do both scanning and printing. This is exactly what Procreate Pockets does. They not only allow you to scan and print your original artwork, but they also have a “smudge” feature that allows you to edit smudges. What’s even better, is that Procreate can export your drawings as either JPEG or PNG format.

A lot of the procreate apps will leave some things out. When it comes to procreate pocket, you will be able to take advantage of the procreate brushes. Brush tools allow you to retouch your artwork using high-end technologies such as live touch, heat mapping, and a variety of texture selections. In addition to this, procreate has long-time user favorites such as the time-lapse replay function, quick undo button, and pinch-to-resize option.

Perhaps, the best thing about this particular application is that the Procreate pocket fits perfectly with Apple’s current products including the iPhone and the iPad. Many people have commented positively on how well the interface and the overall design work with these particular products. The only thing that might make it slightly more difficult to use the Procreate pocket on the iPhone is if your device does not yet have a dock.

Overall, the Procreate pocket does not compete with professional apps like the Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or Paint Shop Pro, but it certainly is an affordable solution for those who like to create their own artwork and share it with friends. If you have always wanted to be creative without spending a fortune, the Procreate pocket is a great option. This innovative application allows you to bring your ideas to life. You should check it out, because it could change the way you approach the art hobby forever!


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