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Procreate: A Better Way to Draw

procreate pocket

Procreate: A Better Way to Draw

Procreate pocket, the new iPad application from the makers of the award winning Procreate is here! This new Procreate app lets you sketch and express ideas on the go, and anywhere you get inspiration. This powerful drawing app is powered by the exact same revolutionary 64-bit Apple Silica Engine that its big brother is built on. This gives Procreate a truly high-performance platform for sketching and designing without compromising battery time or endurance.

You can also use Procreate’s Action Menu to access all your options. Some of the most exciting features you can access are: Create Stencils – Here you’ll find a handy palette with brushes and action icons perfect for sketching and painting. You’ll also find an” Export Time-Lapse” button to store and recall your best drawings. Import and Save as Collage – You’ll love how easy it is to import images from your computer into your Procreate pocket.

Import from Computer/PC – You can open and save any image file in your Procreate pocket using your computer or PC. You can also easily switch from one device to another. Import from Photo – When you import a photo from your digital camera or your PC, here you’ll see a preview of your creation in your new Procreate canvas. Choose a size that fits your needs. This is also where you’ll be able to change the transparency and color of your image.

Colordrop – You can easily remove a layer in Procreate. This makes it easy to make quick changes to your artwork. Using the supplied color drop action, you can drag and drop a picture from your computer to your pocket canvas.

Enhance your pictures with a professional touch. Use your own choice of tools to add drama and texture to your pictures. If you’re creative, you can even use your own software applications that are provided as part of the software bundle with the purchase of your Procreate pocket camera. Transform your images with creativity that only a pro can bring to the table.

If you have some sketching or painting experience, you’ll find that the features provided in Procreate help you turn your imagination into a digital reality. Create stunning images with the features available in the latest version of Procreate. The new gallery and import options allow you to do more than import a still from your computer. You can import not only photographs but also illustrations and paintings that you’ve already drawn or painted on your own. Impress your friends and family with a unique and professional looking drawing that you can share with them over again.


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