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Photoshop – How to Blend on Procreate

So how do you blend on Procreate? The basic answer is that you use your two hands (or your thumb and middle finger if you’re super-nimble like me!) to move the cursor around inside the screen while clicking the Procreate button. It should take some practice, but it’s fun to learn how to do that one special trick that professional artists know how to do.

how to blend on procreate

You start by creating a new artwork in portrait mode, select any of the four predefined picture effects, click on “Free Transform” and move the cursor up and down. Notice how we’ve tucked in our little secret trick: We’ve positioned our cursor exactly where we want the image to be, then we’ve dragged it around using the mouse to make it appear as though it’s floating. Now press the “Free Transform” key and drag the image around the corners to create a “halo” effect around the image. While holding the” Shift” button, move your fingers from side to reposition, and just like that, our newly created “halo” is complete! If it wasn’t that easy, we’d have to spend even more time moving the image around and getting it just right. There are a few other tricks that you can learn, but that’s about it.

How to blend on Procreate is so easy once you’ve mastered these quick tips. First of all, there’s no need for you to select any special brushes or equipments to draw and paint on your canvas. In fact, there are only two standard painting tools in the software: a round brush with a flat surface at the center, and a square brush with a concave surface at the end. Clicking with the mouse or the keyboard doesn’t disturb the canvas – simply use the standard brushes. These standard brushes will give you the feel of working with oils and acrylic paints, and as long as you’ve learned how to use the corresponding tools, you’ll be fine.

You also have the option of creating your own unique blend. To do this, click on the “Blend” button on the toolbar, and then click on “FX Blending Options”. These three buttons are actually the same, and they introduce four blending options:

If you’re still confused as to how to blend on Procreate, here’s a quick breakdown: the standard round brush is used to create a basic outline. This is the area that the alpha lock will reside. By clicking and dragging the rounded brush over the image area, you can create a selection by defining the shape of the outline that you want to copy. After that, the square and rectangular brushing tools can be used to copy and paste the selection area. The last step is to make adjustments on the four blending options using the sliders.

Once you get more comfortable with using the sliders, you can learn how to blend on Procreate by using the similar-colored or identical-colors or analogous colors. The blending options in Photoshop are not limited to just black and white; there are five distinct color schemes. The most popular ones are: cyan, magenta, yellow, orange and red. You can learn how to blend on Procreate by either using the toolbar or the blending palette. Both offer similar convenience.


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