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Photoshop Brush Strokes vs Procreate Opaque and Shape Source


Photoshop Brush Strokes vs Procreate Opaque and Shape Source

Drawing is not easy and is definitely more difficult with a large number of tools to select from. When trying to bring out the best in your drawings, a sketch pad with a wide variety of tools can help you speed up the process of learning. It is a good idea to try a few different drawing tools to see what works for you. After a while, you will be able to pick the one drawing tool that you prefer most.

The drawing tools on the Procreate line are split into four themes namely, lines, shapes, icons and stickers. There are so many example apps available, that Procreate has become the top choice sketch pad for aspiring artists everywhere. To aid you into the art, we have hand-selected the 30 most popular Procreate brushes to download by 2021. If you only had a few seconds to read this article, just take a look at our picks of the Procreate iPad Lettering Artists Set! You will be amazed at the array of brushes available to enhance your artwork.

You might have noticed that Procreate comes standard with a ball point pen. This pen style offers an easy way to draw various shapes. Unlike other drawing packages that allow you to rotate, change and erase shapes, Procreate allows you to do these things with a click of the pen. For instance, if you want to make a circle, just click and hold the middle part of the pen. Then, you will be able to fill the circle with the color or texture of your choice. If you would like to create a square, simply hold your finger at the center of the square and draw outward until you have created the edge.

Drawing with Procreate is so easy that it makes it perfect for beginners who would like to take Procreate to the next level. If you’re comfortable using the pen and can draw basic shapes and basic textures, then you can use the basic tools available in Procreate. If you’d like to take your art to the next level, however, you can expand your horizons. When you purchase the award-winning Procreate Plus Software, you will gain access to thousands of brushes and textures that will enable you to take Procreate to the next level. With Procreate Plus, you’ll be able to experiment with hundreds of different effects, sharpen, and paint in innovative ways.

The biggest difference between the Basic and Deluxe version of Procreate is in the Brush Strokes function. The Deluxe version of Procreate allows you to control over 100 different brush strokes and adjust them as you wish. With the Basic version, you only have three different stroke types, and although you can adjust these in many ways, they are not quite as varied as the brush strokes in the Deluxe version.

Another difference between the two versions is the way Procreate uses the opacity and shape source function. The Basic version uses the Color Tool and the Blending Tool while the Deluxe version uses the Color Mask Tool and the Shape Source. Using the Color Mask Tool and Shape Source together will make it so that you can create a variety of effects, but the downside to this combination is that you can’t get the effect you want if you change just one of these tools.


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