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Photoshop Basics – How To Blend On Procreate

how to blend on procreate

Photoshop Basics – How To Blend On Procreate

If you’re learning how to use Photoshop in a way that will help you save time and money when learning how to use the program, you’ll need to learn how to blend on Procreate. When learning how to blend on Photoshop, it’s easy to make mistakes and mess up your work. It’s especially important to learn how to blend on Photoshop the right way to get the best results from your work. If you mess up while trying to blend a picture in Photoshop, the results can be ugly and the time you spend trying to fix the mistake could have been spent doing something else.

The way to learn how to blend on Procreate is to do a little practice in the beginning. All Photoshop users should know how to use the sliders to control the blending of one image to another by clicking on the sliders. You can blend an image with a single click, a two click, or a three click. Many of today’s newer computers have a built in feature, which enables a user to view how to blend on Procreate before he or she even attempts it. The facility is typically referred to as the Pixies function and is really a very simple visual walk through of how to use the function on his or her machine.

One of the most useful aspects of learning how to blend on Procreate is that you can set up your brushes in advance so that they are ready to be used. When starting out, it’s a good idea to create a drawing with all the light-colored tools such as the brush, eraser and canvas in place. After creating the drawing, click on the blend button located on the toolbar to bring up the blending brush tool.

To blend the colors, use the rectangular selection tool and click inside the selection area. Click on the paint bucket in the lower left-hand corner to select a new color. Blend the selected color with the entire selection area using the blending brush as though you were painting the selected area with a brush. It’s a good idea to hold down the shift key when creating the clipping mask. This will cause the application of the selection mask to create a perfect border for the new color.

When finished, a user should now be able to see a selection of the selected areas in the selection area. Now click on the color in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to lock the brush to the color. Click the alpha option in the upper right-hand corner to lock the color of the clipping mask. A Clipping Mask is created and a user chooses the size of the clipping mask. Once the selection is created, a user can blend the selected colors with the entire selection area by using the blend option in the options palette.

How to Blend On Procreate continues to this point: once you have created the Clipping Mask, you can choose any color and start the blend mode. If there are more than one colors in the blend mode, choose a blend mode that is the most similar to your primary color. For example, if the primary color is orange and the second is purple, the blend mode would be a blended orange and purple. When the mode has been chosen, a cursor will appear above the Clipping Mask. A user will be able to move the cursor around the screen to indicate the exact areas of the image that need to be blended.


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