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New Media Art For Schools

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New Media Art For Schools

The Digital Art and Design degree program to prepare students for an exciting, interdisciplinary approach to digital art and design. Offering a strong foundation for a wide perspective of digital media, this academic program emphasizes the aesthetics of visual design and innovative technology for a highly interactive, dynamic experience. Students pursuing a career in the fine arts will benefit from the comprehensive approach of this degree program. This program combines technical proficiency with a strong liberal arts education. In the classroom, students learn the fundamentals of digital art and design while gaining practical experience in the studio.

In the studio, students gain experience using the latest technologies used in film and television production. Students gain a solid understanding of how design and art are related through classroom instruction and experience, while participating in one-on-one computer graphics practice sessions with professional photographers, graphic artists, and producers. In the concluding studio session, students are given an opportunity to create their own short film that is based on the concepts learned in the course. In the end, students will have the opportunity to complete a portfolio consisting of their computer graphics work and short film.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in the Arts and Humanities major will have an array of general education classes to choose from. General Education classes give students the opportunity to explore the broad range of humanities and liberal arts through a systematic approach that involves both reading and writing. Classes in English, History, Geography, Math, and Science are also offered. Students can also opt to take specialized classes such as film studies, digital painting and drawing, photography, or music composition. General education courses teach students how to read, write, listen, and understand the English language, while further exploring cultural diversity, human nature, and societal expectations.

Students will create digital art and collages on a wide variety of different topics. Topics may range from historically significant events to everyday events from around the world. Projects may focus on everything from historical re-enactments to popular culture pieces. One example of a project that could be carried out in class would be to create a collage of black and white photographs of various people, blended together to form a collage about a specific individual. The same concept can be translated over to digital collage through the use of images from YouTube videos.

Students also learn how to utilize digital technology in the classroom through the use of the Tablet PC. The Tablet PC is an innovative student tool that allows students to draw, paint, write, and edit on their own iPads or laptops. This allows them to learn how to make a visual piece using just their fingers, as opposed to having to use a brush and canvas. Digital Artwork for Schools allows students to bring their favorite media into the classroom through the use of electronic tablets and Pens.

As the world of computers and technology continues to expand, digital art for schools will only grow in relevance and value. Many of the traditional methods of creating art have been rendered obsolete by new media technology. Students in every discipline are now able to not only take courses online, but also to take classes within the comfort of their own homes. With access to the latest digital technology, students are no longer restricted to the walls of a classroom or the reclining back of a computer. They can now create new works of art, learn about new technologies and interact with other students around the world. This means that there is never any more need to leave your home to pursue a course of study that you love!


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