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Learning How to Animation on Procreate

If you’re looking for some advanced ways to put your artistic skills to use, how to animate on Procreate can help you get some results. To continue on your how to animate on Procreate animation series, create simple animations onto the items you’ve placed into the main composition. To work with the cartoon tools on Procreate, you’ll use the keyboard arrow keys to zooming in and out, or click the mouse to pans your camera. Once the entire frame is completed, save the image to your computer and name the frame.

how to animate on procreate

The next step of this how to animate on Procreate series is to place your images within their frames. To do this, you will create a new layer and place your selected image within the newly created layer. Then you’ll add an effect to this new layer by selecting the rectangle shape, and a color to blend with your background color. You can also choose an effect for each frame on your animation timeline.

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn how to animate on Procreate, you can experiment with the many frame effects that are available to you. For example, you can add an effect where your selected image becomes bugle, like in a windy daydream. To change this effect to another time and day, you can simply switch to a different layer.

If you want to show off some complex animations, try using an effect called time slip. This effect allows you to blur the image as it moves along your timeline. To do this, simply hold down the keybinding for blur and use the space bar to slow the image down. There are many other frame options available as well, such as playing with the video options. You can slow down the moving video at certain times throughout the sequence to really draw your audience in.

When learning how to animate on Procreate, it’s important to be aware of the limits of the program. Although you can create some truly amazing animations, Procreate doesn’t support animations that are 3D or require much more complex technology. If these types of animations are something that you want to pursue, you may want to look into learning about various software that will allow you to create these types of animations.

One thing you may want to keep in mind when learning how to animate on Procreate is that you should only try to get the most from the program when you know how to do so. In many cases, you can produce some amazing animations, but they may not be very well performing or smooth in their framerate. It’s important to experiment with different settings to find the best combination of animation speed and smoothness for your video. Once you’ve found this equilibrium, you can then move on to learning how to animate on other platforms.


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