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Learn How To Blend On Procreate

how to blend on procreate

Learn How To Blend On Procreate

How to blend in with Procreate is a very important thing to know. Most of all, it is important because many of your moves while you are using the computer will be done there. This means that having the right blending techniques will allow you to make your videos come out more entertaining and creative. However, blending in with Procreate isn’t as easy as it seems; it can be hard. Some of your most popular blended in with Procreate mode choices on the Procreate video editing program are outlined here.

One of the easiest ways to blend in with Procreate is to use a single white stroke. In most cases, you will need to choose from two different blend modes when you start up the program. When you choose to use the default setting, you will be able to just use the soft blending mode with the single stroke, which is the recommended method.

The next step involves creating a selection. To do this, you will need to place the Procreate cursor on the selected area. Then, begin sliding your mouse from left to right on the selection point, making sure your virtual cursor does not cross the selected region. While dragging, press the TAB key to quit the selection.

After you have completed the first step, you will need to create a selection from the selection that you created earlier. This time, however, you will need to use the standard blending using the brush tools that you have set earlier. Drag and drop the selection tool, and then use the standard stroke selection methods to move your brush from the starting point to the end point and to modify the existing brush. Continue moving your brush in this manner until you get to the desired end point.

Finally, you can go back to the main blending screen and click the play arrow to start playing with the blending mode. This will switch you to the blending with the smudge tool. With the softest touch, you will be able to generate subtle gradations of color on your images. You may experiment with different blends to see what looks best on your images.

How to Blend On Procreate continues to teach you how to master the way how to blend on the computer by providing you with quick practice exercises. The steps are clearly written, so you will not find yourself confused. It takes little effort to learn the blending techniques and you can begin developing your own style as soon as you finish the program. If you like to take images and turn them into beautiful paintings, you will enjoy the blending application on your computer. However, if you are a beginner, you should not attempt to create a super complex image with the brush tools until you have some experience using Photoshop.


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