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Learn How To Animation On Procreate With These Easy Steps

how to animate on procreate

Learn How To Animation On Procreate With These Easy Steps

Want to know how to animate on Procreate? animation is a fun way to add some life and interactivity to your pictures. In fact, there are lots of great things that you can do with animations, and most of them are very easy to get started with. Read on to learn how to make some really cool animation using only your Procreate graphics program!

Open the GIF file from your Procreate graphics program. Click on the arrow next to each frame over the picture and select the new live action frame in your layer palette. When you wish to add more than one live action frame to an animated picture then you’ll either click on the little + sign next to the picture in the layer palette or by clicking into the layer layers palette.

Once you’ve added the new frame, you can now go ahead and add a basic sketch of what your character looks like. You can use the pencil tool for this. Choose the shape from the layers palette and draw a basic outline of your character. Now with the slow motion option enabled, begin moving in slow motion over the rough sketch. As you go along, you’ll be able to see your character growing and changing in slow motion. Add some hair, lips, eyes, and facial features with strokes and a lot of activity to the sketch as you continue to move in slow motion.

The last step is to add in some basic movement with your sketches. Tap on the play button and begin playing with the camera and the playback controls. As you drag and drop items around the scene, you’ll notice that your animation will appear with those items staying in place while the rest of the frames are popping in and out. If you have many frames to keep playing, you can use the play list button to organize them by duration. Then select the play frames button to go back to the timeline. You can edit any of the existing frames with the tools at the bottom of the screen.

The final step in learning how to animate on Procreate is to add some code to create some movement with the items you have already created. To do this, open the keyboard settings on your computer and click the arrow keys to bring up the key layout options. Find the controller option and change it from usual touch-screen controllers to a digital camera. After you’ve done that, tap the play frames option and begin recording the actions of your character. As you record, you’ll hear the characters voice croak and laugh as the images play on your iPhone.

You can even add music to your animation by tapping the play with buttons in the bottom-right corner of the timeline. Once your session is complete, save your masterpiece and share it with family and friends via FaceBook or e-mail. The animation should load nicely on both the iPhone and iPad, and it will look good all the way through both phones. This how to animate on Procreate video should get you started, but if you’d like to know more about animation in general, there’s plenty of information available on the web.


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