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Learn How To animate On Procreate

The question of how to animate on Procreate is one that many people who are interested in the art of animating 3D objects would ask. Learning how to do this is not as difficult as some may think. It just takes a little time and patience on the behalf of the aspiring animator. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or effort because the steps are relatively simple.

how to animate on procreate

To begin, you should head over to the main screen at the top right of the Procreate screen, then click on the first button, named the Animation Setup tab. Here you will be able to select two different views of your newborn drawings that are created using the default settings on your computer. If your computer doesn’t support the default layout, there are two different views you will have to select from, named the Top view and the Side view. The two views actually come from the two different sets of images, your computer has chosen for it to save as a Procreate animation.

For those who know nothing about how to animate on Procreate, the animation aid can be turned off in the bottom right corner of the screen by selecting the cog icon. After doing so, you will find that the FlipClip icon has been hidden from view. You can also turn the FlipClip on and off if you so desire but to do so will cause the animation to stop.

For those of you who already know how to animate on Procreate, the next step involves selecting the two separate layers you have previously created using the flipoclip tool. Select both layers and the next button that is displayed on your computer’s main menu will say New Layer. Once you have selected a new layer name, select the two options you have on the layer you want to place the animation on. One of the two options has to be named ‘animation’. Once you have done this, a new tab will appear where you will select the animation tab, click the option you have selected, and on the next screen, choose the format you would like to use for the animation.

If you wish to learn how to animate on Procreate, the best approach to take is to explore the app’s built-in animation gallery. On the main page of the app, go to Gallery and click the option you have chosen from the animation list. Now it’s easy! Just follow the onscreen instructions and you will find that your favorite images have all been transformed into one short video. This same tip can also be applied to any other iPad apps, you may want to try out.

If you need more assistance when learning how to animate on Procreate, there is an online community called FlipClip that will provide you with any assistance you need. If you are unfamiliar with how to use the FlipClip system, just refer to its instructional video. With a system like this, you won’t have any problems trying to learn how to flip your photographs or illustrations into digital images that can be transferred to your I iPad. In just a few short days, you will have mastered the ability to turn your favorite images into fully-functional iPad apps!


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