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iocene, the New Expandable Screen For iPhones

Powerful and slick enough for artistic professionals, Procreate pocket folders are a must have accessory for creative people. Simple and yet highly functional, this tool helps us express our creativity by allowing us to make creative works of art. Award-winning Procreate Pocket combines simplicity with functionality, allowing you to create original, professional artwork with minimum fuss. From simple black and white designs to photo-holding albums and unique clipart, you can use Procreate Pocket to express yourself in many different ways. Here are some ways in which you can use Procreate Pocket to express yourself:

procreate pocket

The Procreate pocket makes it easy to express your ideas in an original way that showcases your talent and creativity. Ideal for artists and graphics-loving individuals, the Procreate software allows you to express your thoughts in an original and creative manner. Power up your creativity with this powerful and efficient program. 250 levels of color correction, professional touch interface and high-resolution digital support let you express your creativity on the go with ease.

The Procreate pocket allows you to use your phone as a painting pad. You can paint, draw or just about anything you want to use your iphone. This pocket for your phone allows you to use your phone as a tablet or drawing surface, thus making it a convenient and cost-efficient alternative to traditional painting tablets. If you enjoy painting but are not confident in your ability to do so on your own, using a Procreate is ideal as you do not need to purchase tablets or special drawing surfaces. You can also use your iphone to print off pictures or just about anything you want, which further makes it a cost-efficient option.

Procreate is an incredible application that enables you to utilize your Apple Pencil in a plethora of new ways. You can use the application to draw and sketch, and the integrated drawing tools and functions make it easy to add shading and texture. Using your Apple Pencil as a stylus allows you to create thin layers of color, and it works just as well when applying various effects or changing shades of color. The application includes various shapes and templates that allow you to quickly and easily customize your own templates for use in creating any type of artwork you need.

Since your own computer system is used to manage the connection between your iPhone and the Procreate Pencil, it connects seamlessly from your computer to your pocket and vice versa. With your Apple Pencil connected to your iphone, it provides the same type of connectivity you would get with other styluses like the iPad or 3G. Your applications and data are safely stored within the Procreate pocket and accessed through the Apple Pencil, which makes it very convenient and versatile means of viewing, editing and working on your projects. It also comes with a huge number of professionally designed templates, helping you design all types of projects with ease.

This product was designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone, using high quality iphone parts to ensure that the finished product will fit perfectly into your pocket. The Procreate pocket fits perfectly into the Apple pocket, using no seam for strap connection. The Procreate pocket was designed by integrating two pieces of technology, namely the innovative electronic fabric that is designed specifically for use with Apple products and the site, which is a highly efficient connection board that connects to the Procreate. In order to connect the site to the Procreate, the site was designed with a silicone ring that provides a safe connection for the two electronic components.


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