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Introduction to Digital Art

Digital Art

Introduction to Digital Art

When it comes to digital art, you have to be aware that it differs from traditional art. In traditional art, there are three types of art realistic art, abstract art and photographic art. With digital art, there are numerous methods, genres and styles to choose from. The best way to learn how digital art is produced is by visiting online galleries. Here you can view many types of digital art and take a closer look at some of the creators who created them.

Fractal/ algorithmic Art It is an emerging type of digital art incorporating mathematical patterns in order to produce art. This method of deriving art using complex algorithms is known as algorithmic painting. Algorithmic art utilizes digital technology in painting rather than traditional media such as oil, pastels or pencils. This type of art uses various brush strokes, colorings, texture mapping and other artistic techniques to create unique artwork. Algorithmic painting is said to be more artistic than realistic painting and offers a unique artistic experience.

Pre-ICO (Computer Aided Drawings) Pre-ICO or Computer Aided Drawing is an artistic process that has gained popularity among artists. It involves the use of special drawing tools and software in generating high quality illustrations, photographs and paintings from digital technology. The entire process is user friendly and most artists can complete the work within a short period. Through the years, pre-ICO techniques have evolved and new software programs are being introduced. As more artists are drawn to it, pre-ICO is gaining more followers.

Pre-Prints/ Indies Commercial Printing on CD and DVD is another new media artist encounter. This type of printing is usually preferred by artists working in the music, fashion, advertising, and visual arts industries. With this particular technique, artists can produce their artwork digitally and sell them through retail shops, digital websites, and bookstores. In addition, print on demand printers offer pre-print copies of books, music scores, movies, advertisements, short films, and more.

Motion Graphics Post-projection is the latest technique in digital art. It enables digital artists to project images on a large screen and make the final product interactable, customizable and interactive. It usually employs both the traditional and the latest graphics applications such as Flash and Photoshop. A typical motion graphic post-production work consists of images, photos and text. For example, a photograph is scanned into the computer and then manipulated with certain software.

Social Media has also become a significant influence in contemporary art due to the number of users, which can reach almost everyone on the globe. This makes digital artists have a lot to say about social issues and lifestyle. Examples of social media artworks include social media icons like MySpace, Facebook, twitter, Digg and Flickr. The best thing about social media is that you can just post anything that interests you can get immediate feedback from your friends. It has also allowed digital artists to create an online community for fans, which greatly contributed to their popularity.


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