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Improvements to the Latest Version of Procreate

Procreate pocket is the best iPhone version of the popular professional drawing app for iPad. Though iPhone obviously lacks full support for the popular Apple Pencil, it still does provide a 3D touch screen feature that allows in-depth painting using either your finger or a well-suit stylus. The only minor problem with the in-app version is that you cannot draw on the sides of the iPhone. You can, however, use the Procreate software for an extended drawing session, if necessary. This is possible since you have a few additional “draw tools” to work with.

Like the original version of Procreate, you can create different layers in an Artist view and blend them using a single tap. With the latest release of Procreate, you can also edit a selection in a pinch. One added function of the new version of the procreate pocket is the auto-trace function that traces circles, squares and other shapes on a selected piece of canvas with just one touch. The auto-trace function works well when you are tracing a selection that is a different color than your current selection.

While the earlier versions of the Procreate application allowed you to trace just a single shape, the latest version enables you to draw and edit any object in a huge number of detailed shapes such as square, oval, circle and many others. The main improvements in the latest version of the procreate pocket application are the in-built tools that allow you to edit almost all elements of your project, whether it is a photo or a three dimensional image. You can change the color of a selection by choosing a new color from a palette. You can apply effects to your image with ease.

The most useful feature of the procreate pocket software is its ability to export your artwork in various formats such as JPEG and PNG. If you wish to print your work out you can simply select the ‘print’ option from the tool menu of the application. If you need to share your work with someone you can easily export to a number of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon among others.

The last major improvement in the latest version of the procreate pocket app is its drawing and painting tools. Now you have the ability to make any shape, and the size of the selection is directly proportionate to the size of the selection. To zoom in and out of a selection, just click on the ‘zoom in/out’ button. You can drag the corners of your images using the left and right arrows on the drawing tools and change the color by selecting a color from the palette.

Some people are more artistically inclined than others, so they may prefer to use some type of overlay, crop or delete tool on their images prior to exporting them to the Procreate pocket canvas. This functionality is also available for those who use the Colordrop application from the Procreate toolbox. To remove a selection, just click on the ‘olor’ option from the editing menus to choose one of the available colors from the palette. If you wish to automatically overlay your chosen image on the canvas, just select ‘overlay’. Some other improvements that users of the Procreate software application have noticed include: improved zoom functionality, improved picture editing functions, the ability to preview your work before saving it, improved text tools, improved canvas size options, and support for a wider range of cameras including Nikon, Canon and Kodak.


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