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Importing Fonts For Procreate

When adding text to your project in Photoshop, you definitely want to consider choosing fonts which look artistic and hand-made. By using this font, it helps to create text blend very well with your picture. In this article, we will show you how to choose the fonts for Procreate that will enhance the appearance of your images. This font is ideal for achieving just that objective. By learning how to use it properly, you can make any image – be it a photograph or a poster – look its absolute best.

To begin, try pairing monochromatic fonts with light or dark brush strokes. You might want to consider pairing sans-serif fonts with light brush strokes, if you are trying to create a feeling of space. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts are better utilized when paired with serif typefaces, as they tend to add a crisp, clean line to your text. However, sans-serif fonts also work well if you want to create a softer, dreamy feeling to your artwork. The trick is to balance out the heavy feeling with some lighter brush strokes.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of fonts that one could use when working on a photo-based aesthetic. The usual ones that come to mind are Times New Roman and Arial. The reason why you need both of these fonts is that they give any design a professional look; whereas, if you choose to go with one of these styles, you are more than likely playing around with the aesthetics and atmosphere of your next project, so try pairing one of the more unique fonts with one of the more common types of designs.

Another great choice would be Georgia. This type of font would match very well with old-fashioned designs like those that were featured in the Victorian era. However, if you want to inject some contemporary appeal to your project, then it is highly recommended that you pair Georgia with Helvetica or maybe even sans-serifs. These are three very different but still quite good fonts to work with and should give your works a nice balance.

One very interesting way of adding fonts for Procreate is by using iPad font files. There are many great font companies that have created specially designed iPad font files which are just perfect for people who are trying to create their own cute, fun fonts for Procreate. iPad font files come in raster and vector formats, so it won’t be hard for you to find one that will fit your needs exactly.

Don’t forget that if you’re planning to download fonts for Procreate, it would also be best for you to search the web first, as there are lots of free fonts which you can easily download and use. The downside to downloading free fonts is that sometimes they might not be as perfect as those you can get from commercial companies. So, it’s always a good idea to purchase them after seeing how much they are priced. If you’re really serious about creating the most perfect fonts for Procreate, then be sure to check out the many resources available online.


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