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Importing Fonts For Procreate

It is very important to bear in mind the fonts you select will directly or indirectly affect the end aesthetic of your document. This is why it’s so vital to be aware of which fonts are best for your style of writing, and how they can best be used to enhance the rest of your design. The aesthetic is really the key element here: how it makes you feel when you read or write and it’s this element which needs to be strongly considered when you download fonts for Procreate in order to apply them to your next project, whatever it may be. This doesn’t just apply to aesthetics alone – it also applies to functionality. Here we will discuss some of the fonts for Procreate which you may find useful.

fonts for procreate

If you’re looking for something a little less common but still highly effective, then try out Old English. Designed by Fontana, this is one of the most simple fonts to download, yet it has a highly distinctive feel about it, which will make you want to type away with it. For example, the ‘A’ comes before the ‘K’ and this is used to indicate the place where the letter is to be inserted into the document, whereas the ‘B’ stands for the Bold area of your text and indicates that it is a link to the next paragraph. The font style in the section above the text is very neat and tidy, and is perfect for using alongside any other type of font for Procreate.

This collection of fonts is designed by Christian Dalsgaard. These are great places to start if you’re browsing through some of the hand-drawn fonts for Procreate that are available online. In addition to being easily readable, Christian Dalsgaard’s designs are also strikingly beautiful, making them an ideal match for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. Some of the fonts include Dalsgaard’s ‘Procreate’, ‘Dalmatian’, ‘Procreate Pro’, and ‘Dalmatian Script’.

You may have noticed the word “Brushes” in the title of this article. This is another set of fonts for Procreate, but not the only one. The term “Brushes” refers to the large assortment of fonts that can be used to customize the look and feel of your document on your iPad, starting from the background and adding in colours, shadows and other elements that will enhance the overall look and feel of your creation. To use one of the fonts from this collection, you simply import the font files into your iPad’s default library, and the special stylized version of your favourite word processor will automatically be created and imported to your documents. Importing these fonts is very easy, and once you have them loaded you can use them immediately.

If you are creating hand-drawn font-based creations on your own, then it should go without saying that you need to have a program capable of exporting such files as PDF (Portable Document Format), so that you can print them out if necessary. All of the fonts for Procreate have been converted to this format, so you won’t be able to open them directly in any program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and exporting images from the iPad document app will most likely be lossless, requiring only the use of a quality online service (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). The fonts for Procreate can also be opened using a variety of common desktop publishing software packages, including Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple iWork Pages, and they will export as text documents too.

For those of you who are more into traditional calligraphy, then there are a number of fonts for Procreate that you might want to consider importing. The Glyph Software package by Font Squirrel is an example of this, and is available for download free from the company’s official website. The Glyph Software package includes over 100 premium font families, all of which are designed to be imported into iPad apps seamlessly. The Glyph Software package also includes a set of user templates which allow you to quickly customize your workspace on the fly, and includes an extensive set of ligatures, swashovers and shadow styles, along with lots of convenient features like adjustable fonts, handy alternate colors and convenient alternate fonts.


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