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iInk Pro, A Protester’s Delight

Procreate Pocket is the year’s best iPhone application for creative artists and sketchers alike: it lets artists of all levels to draw, paint, and sketch without restriction, anywhere inspiration strikes. It is not too often that an application with the full power and depth of functionality of Procreate Pocket gets to be the year’s best. In fact, its only competitor is probably Art Suite, which just launched a new version that adds a whole new dimension to your digital arts. However, what makes Procreate Pocket stands out is that, in addition to allowing you to create fantastic sketches, it also lets you share them with family and friends.

procreate pocket

With iInk Pro, Procreate now gives you the chance to combine three of your most loved media types into one: photos, videos and sketches. You can also add a third type of media, called the “undo” tool, which lets you undo any drawing or painting you have just done. The innovative new capabilities of iInk give you endless possibilities when it comes to creativity, since now you have the opportunity to transform your art into real works of art with a touch of a button. This is exactly what the creators of iInk were trying to achieve with their applications, as they wanted to give artists the ability to explore different media, whilst giving them the tools necessary for transforming their ideas into real works of art.

The new version of iInk Pro brings two new additions to the arsenal of capabilities of the procreate, allowing you to experiment with the pressure sensitivity and zoom. In addition to being able to change the properties of your sketches, you can also create and save artwork in different formats and blend multiple images together using the pressure sensitivity, which allows you to change the thickness and colors of your artwork easily. You can also create short movies with your drawings using the same techniques that are used in professional video editing programs.

One of the most popular tools available in the procreate is the fact that you are now able to import and edit Flash files. Flash files allow you to integrate your design with animation, adding some much needed interactivity to your creations. If you have tried past versions of the procreate application, then you will be very happy to know that you are still able to import and edit Flash files. The new version of the app allows you to import folders containing Flash files and this allows you to edit your sketches without having to convert them to use with the flash format. Importing and editing Flash files is now made incredibly easy with the quick and easy set up of the custom procreate brushes.

The last major addition to the iInk Procreation kit is the iInk Probook. The iInk Probook is an extremely convenient creation kit, as it lets you create beautiful greeting cards for any occasion. Not only does the probook allow you to import and edit pictures from your digital camera, but you can also synchronize your electronic photo’s directly onto your physical notebook. You can also utilize the large selection of templates that are included with the software to customize your card quickly and easily.

If you’re in the market for an excellent application such as the one provided by iInk Pro, then you owe it to yourself to check out the completely redesigned procreate application. This innovative application will allow you to easily transfer your digital artwork from your camera or tablet of choice over to your notebook quickly and easily. You can also save time when creating personalized invitations, thanks to the amazing assortment of templates that are included with this innovative painting app designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone. By taking advantage of all of these exciting applications, you can create and print unique invitations for any event in which you would like to be involved.


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