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iInk Designer App: Connect Your Multimedia Devices With iInk Procreate

Procreate Pocket, the ultimate artist’s tool, gives you everything you need to quickly and easily create professional looking, high quality art. Product Description. Create anytime, anyplace. App Store Best of Selection and App Store Editor of 2021 in twelve countries. Quickly start up new projects wherever inspiration hits, with everything you require to create amazing graphics, sketches, and original illustrations.

procreate pocket

Features & Benefits. Procreate pocket has a huge range of tools to help you make professional looking illustrations and paintings. All the standard tools are included in this package, such as, brushes, a multi-effect retouch tool, various texture tools, a drawing surface, support for the native Windows layer compositing, support for the popular SketchBook platform, and even a built-in pressure-sensitive painting tool. The Procreate studio mode allows you to capture your work without having to save it in your computer. You can also view your creations on the web at high resolution and display resolutions up to 4megapixels.

Professional Brush Set. Included in this bundle is the exclusive procreate pocket brush set, which allows you to paint with precision and feel comfortable drawing with the Procreate’s comfort grip. This professional collection was designed especially for the Apple device, which means that it is compatible with all the major operating systems on the market today, including Windows, Android and iPhone. This brush pack comes with a total of 22 brushes that will allow you to paint professionally-looking images and illustrations in no time at all.

Use iInk Designer. iInk designer is an amazing and easy-to-use app designed exclusively with the Apple user in mind. This app makes it possible for users to express themselves creatively and create their very own unique images and artwork. This versatile app allows users to change the colors of their pictures, add text, logos, objects, and much more. For those who don’t like to take pictures this is an awesome way to express yourself artistically using your own camera or your iPhone’s camera to produce the art you’ve always wanted to create.

Create Your Work. To save time when using your Procreate, it’s best to download procreate pocket to help you get the most out of your crafting experience. With this handy application you can quickly and easily make any type of photo or artwork, on any type of device. All it takes is a few minutes to download procreate pocket, install it and start creating what you’ve been meaning to do all day. You can make calendars, collages, art, watercolors, and much more. If you need help downloading or using the iInk Designer app it is available free in addition to being able to download procreate pocket.

Connecting Your Devices Together. The built in Wi-Fi capability of your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch allows you to work on projects while traveling. Simply connect your devices and you can continue where you left off. The built in speaker system lets you turn up the volume so you can hear what you’re doing even without headphones, and the speaker jack plugs into the pocket to provide audio input to your procreate pocket project. The combination of these features allow you to get more done, create more, and connect your creative pursuits to your home office and your professional life.


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