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How To Use Procreate To Express Your Art

It can be overwhelming when it comes to picking out the best procreate pencils and it is not just about price or brand name. It is about finding a way that you are going to express yourself creatively with Procreate. The key to picking the best pencil for you is to choose one that is going to suit you for years to come. So how do you download Procreate pencils and where can you get the best procreate drawing tutorials to improve your skills?

To help out you, we are going to provide some information on the different options you have when it comes to choosing the Procreate pen and brushes. First of all, you have your basic plastic pen that comes with two basic blanks. When you open up the pen set, you will find that there is a palette with many different options available. Each blank acts as a canvas and you can paint on the Procreate colors in any way you like. In addition, the package comes with a refill kit and a paper wheel so that you can easily make your own designs and patterns.

Another great feature is that the standard pen includes the standard procreate assortment of pens, pencils, markers, and chalks. These items include the basic acrylic paints; clear & dark neutral colors; and sky blues, pinks, purples, and natural browns. If you would like more options, you can pick up other items such as the gouache shader brushes, and the vinyl sticks. You can even get some of the other accessories such as the erasers and the vinyl stickers to decorate your projects. All of the brushes and other accessories are housed within the box you receive with the starter kit, making it very easy to pick up the right Procreate brush packs and start creating immediately.

As you continue to work with your master watercolor procreate project, you can continue to expand your painting horizons by adding accessories and brushes. Some of the additional accessories you can add to your brushes set include touch pads, eyelets, and bristle cushions. The touch pads and eyelets will allow you to paint directly onto surfaces without using a palette. The cushions and touch pads are excellent for painting large areas that you are not able to reach with traditional brushes. In addition, the bristle cushions and eyelets will give you extra grip and help prevent your hands from getting grease and dirt on them.

For those who enjoy working with large pieces of artwork, Procreate has the perfect solution called the gouache set. The gouache set is comprised of fifty sheets of blank poster board that has been covered in thinned paste wax. This paste wax provides a smooth surface to work on and allows for you to create different textures, colors, and designs. There are a few procreate brushes that are included in the gouache set, including both standard and custom brushes, which include a medium size round burr brush, as well as both round and specialty cuts of ferrule.

Another way to expand your creativity and enhance your art is to use the Procreate software. The best procreate brushes and accessories are included in the starter bundle, which includes the basic essentials to get you started right away. If you are more comfortable with an illustration program, you can purchase one of the upgrade packages that provide additional software. You can start practicing today!


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