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How to Use Hand-drawn Emoticons and Fonts For Procreate

fonts for procreate

How to Use Hand-drawn Emoticons and Fonts For Procreate

fonts for Procreate are what will make or break an online selling website. Having nice fonts will help keep visitors coming back. And visitors will keep coming back if they have the feeling that you really care about the products you sell online. Choosing the right fonts for Procreate could mean the difference between you making a sale or not. So here’s how fonts for Procreate work.

First, choose your fonts carefully, especially if you’re going to be downloading some brushes or designs from the Internet. You may find that many of the fonts for Procreate look similar, but there will be a few differences, such as the size of some of the letters or the color of the brush or the design used. You want your fonts for Procreate to look as good as possible. You could even learn to add special fonts to Procreate, or download fonts for Procreate and import them into the layout of the tutorial you are using.

Secondly, download one or more fonts for Procreate and place them into the application’s folder. When you open up the fonts for Procreate in the Design Gallery, it will ask you where you want to place them. Select all of the fonts and drag them to the appropriate place. At this point you can modify any of the fonts, change the size, position, or transparency of the fonts. When you save your fonts for Procreate to the zip file, all changes will be applied to the layout and your font files will be located in the fonts folder. If you unzip your font zip file, all changes will be applied to your layout.

Finally, if you want to print a copy of any of your fonts for Procreate just jump right into the Design Gallery and select “print”. The prints option is right next to the fonts option. Select it and you will be given a choice of either scaling the fonts to fit the iPhone’s screen or printing out the font as you would see it printed. Whichever option you choose, simply tap the print button. Your fonts for Procreate should now be printed onto your new phone! You simply need to connect your new phone to your computer and follow any prompts that may appear.

Obviously, this process is one that needs some thought, but once you’ve created your fonts, there is really nothing left to do but share them with the world. Once you have them installed on your phone, all you need to do is use your stylus to take your fonts for Procreate from your desktop into the application. Tap the fonts you want to use and begin typing. Using the stylus, draw or mark in any character you wish, whether it is a digit a colon, a minus sign, or any other character you’d like to use. If you would like to switch fonts, tap the fonts again and they will be redrawn to match the colours of your fingers.

One thing that’s especially nice about this font is that it is one of those fonts that can be used for both professional and personal applications. The neat thing about this type of font is that it is available in both standard eBook font and Hand-drawn Emoticons. For example, if you are creating an e-book or some kind of informational document that you intend to give away to customers or potential clients, then it will work just as well to give them an e-book with both hand-drawn and standard fonts. In fact, a hand-drawn aesthetic is even nicer to look at than its digital counterpart, so if you are going to create an aesthetic for your company that is also attractive to potential customers, using fonts for Procreate could be a good idea.


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