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How to Pair Fonts For Procreate

fonts for procreate

How to Pair Fonts For Procreate

When creating text in Procreate, try to choose fonts which look artistic and hand-created. It s how to make text blend so well with your images. This simple hand-lettered font is ideal for achieving just that goal. This lovely hand-lettering font fits in so well with all types of unique artwork and design creations. It can also be used for adding margins around photos and images.

One of the most popular fonts for Procreate, which can be used for just about anything, is the Flowery Font Family. It was created by Bill Atkinson, a world renowned designer who worked with several famous corporations like Quaker Oven, Xerox, Cintel Corporation, and North American Paper Products Corporation. He was most notably an artist, whose works were often used in advertising or other forms of graphics design. His fonts are instantly recognizable, especially when combined with his stunning flowery style of artwork. They exude a fresh and artistic feel, which one could use to create a visually appealing next project.

Another type of eye-catching font is the Forest Font. The Forest Font has a dark, woodsy feel to it. Some say this type of font can bring out the forest or mountains, but one could say it has a country feel to it as well. This type of font can be used for almost anything one could imagine. For instance, it could be used for headers, names, addresses, or even logos.

In addition to these two fonts, there are other fonts for Procreate that one could use to create beautiful works of art. One of these is the Brush Strokes Font, which gives the user a choice between two different sets of brush strokes. The first set is light, defined brush strokes, while the second set features a darker, edgier line of brush strokes. Depending on the preferences of the person creating the design, the user could use either of these stroke sets to create a certain effect. For instance, one could use light brush strokes for a romantic theme, while a darker set for something more professional.

The Brush Set B fonts contain no spaces. These type of fonts are perfect if you are designing a menu bar or something similar that will have many spaces. You could try pairing them up with another font to see what kind of results you get. For instance, pairing Brush Strokes A with a lighter font would give the menu bar a lighter feel and a more uniform look. You could also try pairing the Brush Strokes B font with a darker font to create a much more detailed, lively feeling to the next design you create.

If you are going to hand-draw your fonts, it is important that they are consistent in terms of size. This is so the font feels as though it belongs with the rest of your hand-drawn aesthetic. You should also try to play with the types of strokes, whether you are using a font that is of a certain size or that is a different size. This is a great way to add a personal touch to all of your projects, or to emphasize a certain aesthetic point.


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