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How to Paint With the Procreate Drawing Tablet


How to Paint With the Procreate Drawing Tablet

Everything Watercolour for Procreate this Watercolour Pack is probably the best Procreate palette you will ever purchase. Whatever your painting style, from the sketchy do-it-yourself artist to a highly detailed art professional, you can easily effortlessly recreate the appearance and texture of actual paint on paper with the many different colors of the Procreate palette. Even beginners can create beautiful artwork using the selection of colors in the various hues that are available. You will also find accessories that allow you to apply shading, such as a grid or line to define your paint space.

One of the greatest features of the Procreate line is that they have taken the ease out of color mixing and shading by introducing a touch taper function. By simply tapping an icon which determines the strength of each color, you can quickly and easily control the intensity of the highlights and midtones. For instance, the strength of the blue highlights is determined by how much blue you tap while painting. You can easily create beautiful, detailed paintings with just these few clicks, and it’s much easier than ever before. There are five different levels of touch taper, and each one adds another level of detail and precision to your artwork.

The Procreate line also offers over 50 different art shapes. These shapes are extremely useful when it comes to creating different effects. For example, you will find the Procreate Drawing Pillow shape, which allows you to easily create soft rounded shapes for drawing. You can also create a unique zigzag pattern that goes from corner to corner. All you need to do is place the pencils on the surface of a piece of paper and trace the Procreate Drawing Pillows shapes with the pen.

Once you have created your artwork with the Procreate Drawing Pillows, you can easily enhance your drawings with the Procreate Brush Kit. This collection of fine brushes has over 40 different shapes including a few that come in unusual sizes. You can easily apply these Brushes to make lettering or other detailed shapes to really enhance your artwork.

One of the best features of the Procreate line is the ease with which you can change the opacity of the brush. You can easily change the opacity of each individual stroke, which means that you can create some amazing artwork by varying the thickness of each stroke. Changing the transparency of the stroke and allowing a high or low opacity will create interesting effects. There are two different settings to choose from – Off and High.

When you have finished painting with the Procreate software application, you will find that it is so easy to adjust the size of the canvas. You can increase or decrease the size of the canvas as you wish. Each new stroke you make will stretch to fill in the new space. If you need to make any adjustments, you simply need to click on the ‘Size’ link located at the top right of the painting area. The size will be automatically adjusted for you. This makes the use of the Procreate drawing tablet so much easier.


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