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How to Make Your Digital Art Work on Your iPad


How to Make Your Digital Art Work on Your iPad

What do you think you need to know before buying a Procreate child’s brush set? It seems like the perfect toy to begin drawing with when you are just starting out in art class. But how do you know which one is right for your budding artist child? There are lots of them to choose from, so how do you choose the right one that will give your child the maximum fun and benefit for the price?

The first step to choosing your Procreate child’s paints, sketches, and watercolour brushes are to decide what your budget will be. To help you get started, we have hand-picked the top 30 Procreate pens and paint brushes to purchase in2019. They are sure to cover it all – and even more! These include: A. Water Colour Pen – Perfect for shading in individual shapes.

B. Drawing Paper – A great, affordable alternative to expensive drawing paper or cardstock. You can use it for everything from making simple pictures and illustrations to detailed, fully-detailed paintings. This is the best procreate brushes and pen to get started with because it is a good starter kit for beginners.

C. Shapes – From simple ovals to curved surfaces, Procreate has hundreds of shapes to create with your brushes. Get creative with these and experiment with different textures – they come in just about every texture you could imagine, from chocolate and wafers to rough and wacky surfaces. For a more realistic shape, try using texture paints and shims on your favorite brushes. If you don’t want to mess with shims, just smooth the shapes out on your paper before you paint them.

D. Textures – Create your own textures in Procreate by finding and applying basic ones that match your chosen subject. You may find it easiest to use an existing texture rather than making your own. Choose one that you like and then pick a color to paint over it. To customize your textures even more, select an adhesive pattern to use, or download one from the App Store and save it to your iPad. If you choose to make your own patterns, just pick an image from the library and go over it in Photoshop to adjust the colors or size. You’ll also be able to change the opacity and blend modes for your pattern.

E. Jitter Brush Strokes – You can make your Procreate jittery by applying force to the stroke it creates. You can adjust its strength and sensitivity with the touch palette and tweak other aspects such as the thickness of the stroke and its roundness. With these options, you can vary the complexity of your strokes and make them do just about anything. These are just a few tips that will help you fine-tune your Procreate sketching experience.


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