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How to Extend Your Drawing Techniques With Procreate Cartridge


How to Extend Your Drawing Techniques With Procreate Cartridge

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to paint with your own brand of paint and brushes? It might be a very rewarding experience to let your imagination run wild and paint what you imagine. It also opens the door for you to express yourself artistically on canvass that you have made with your very own hands. To help get you started, we have hand-picked the top 30 best Procreate pens to come download in 2020.

The top item on our list is the Procreate Stylus for Sketching and Drawing. This smooth drawing pen has the ability to give you professional-looking results, even on paper as small as A4. To help you get started, you can start with just the tip for sketching and intricate details for line and texture brushes. This will get you pointed in the right direction and help you create the beautiful artwork you envision.

To help you improve your artwork, you can tap into the Procreate’s texture and shape source library. You can choose from thousands of fun and funky brush shapes and textures that will add depth and dimension to your designs and artwork. To use these texture and shape sources, you simply drag and drop them onto your design. Once you’ve dragged them to their spot, they will automatically disappear, creating a unique effect that no other pen or drawing application will be able to achieve.

The third item on our list is the Procreate Fine Veneer Medium. This is the perfect tool for creating thinning out and lightening up your designs and artwork. By altering the intensity of the filtration, you can create subtle differences in color and shading. Another feature of the Fine Veneer Medium is that you can even adjust the blending options so that you can create realistic looking shadows and dark highlights. There are also options to slow down the action of the filtration, which can be useful for fine tuning the final product you are creating.

The fourth item in the Procreate drawing arsenal is the Procreate Glaze. This function allows you to create light glazes that are very similar to watercolors or oil paintings. By selecting a medium that allows you to control the thickness and wetness of the paint, you can make glazes that are very similar to oil paints, but with a much smoother feel. Using a Procreate Glaze also gives you the ability to create fine lines and detailed patterns, so you can really add dimension to your creations.

As you continue using your Procreate drawing program, you will begin to realize just how many different functions this pen has. You will also start to see how useful the various brushes and the various shapes are for create some of your favorite effects. It doesn’t take long before you are able to customize Procreate with the tools and features that are perfect for you.


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