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How to Create Your Own Artwork in Procreate


How to Create Your Own Artwork in Procreate

With the purchase of a Procreate product, you can create an endless range of projects, from watercolor paintings to whimsical doodles. But for the ultimate in creative Easter eggs, try turning your sketchbook into a collage of your most memorable memories. With a simple sketch pad and the Procreate sketchbook app, you can turn your memory into a masterpiece. Here’s how:

Every Style For Every Occasion Whether you’re a professional illustrator or just a beginner who wants to experiment with different media, there are Procreate brushes for every style. From chunky to sleek, there’s always something handy to use. To help get you started, we have hand-picked the 30 top Procreate brushes for you to download in the future. They are sure to cover everything from drawing to painting, and everything in between-and more!

Import From Source Library You can import your sketches, paintings, and other graphics directly from the Procreate library. This makes it easy to bring over a whole bunch of design ideas without having to create them from scratch. If you want to import a picture from your digital camera, you can import your source file first and then import your Procreate art into your sketch pad. If you want to create new brush textures, you can import a bunch of old ones and mix and match until you find the look you want.

Create Lettering With a Personal Touch If you’d rather not draw or paint directly on your Procreate canvas, you can always export your drawings and lettering to a variety of different software packages. Look for the Procreate export function on the drawing pad and select the drawing format you’d like to export to. This feature is great if you need a quick way to share your artwork with a friend or family member. Simply select their name and select the “Export to” function. They’ll be able to view your artwork in almost any document format on the computer, including PDF.

Tap Import Tapping your sketches or other Procreate shapes directly into the Procreate tap import panel will open up a pop-up window that allows you to drag and drop the object onto your canvas. After the object is dragged and dropped, you can edit the Procreate shape by tapping the shape editor, adjusting its size and position, and dragging any other features of the object to rearrange it. The Procreate tap import feature is perfect for adding a particular feature or portion of a design, and then creating and saving your artwork as a Procreate pattern. If you’re not sure what a Procreate pattern is, it’s basically a group of automatically generated artwork that you can print out and use in Procreate projects.

Grain Source You can also import artwork from your sketch pad into Procreate, but you won’t be able to preview it in the software. The grain feature is available only in the Procreate premium pattern set. Tap importing images from the computer is easy to do; all you need is to launch the Procreate Tap Inspector, choose your image from your computer’s drives or memory card, and tap the “grain” or “matte” option. Tap importing artwork from a sketch pad is incredibly easy as well; it is included in the free version of Procreate, but you have to purchase it in order to access the grain options. All you have to do is open the Photoshop file that contains your sketch, go to the Grain tab, and tap the “New Grading Style” button.


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