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How to Create Handmade Fonts For Procreate

If you are creating baby scrapbooks or creating beautiful card creations, then you should consider adding some fonts for Procreate to your project. A lot of people who create scrapbooks have found that the handmade charm of the cards is greatly enhanced when they include some of the fonts used in traditional scrapbooking. Even if you do not know how to write in a specific font, you can easily find a variety of fonts for Procreate that will make your cards look stunning.

fonts for procreate

In this second installment of this how-to-set-up-scrapbook series, we will look at a few awesome fonts for Procreate. If you have never done it before, fonts for Procreate can certainly be a wonderful place to try them out before tackling the big job. After all, it does not matter how good one wants his or her page to look – it only matters if someone who looks at it likes what he or she sees. With so many different artistic options available, it is easy to customize the visual aesthetic of a page and come up with a truly unique set of fonts for Procreate.

One of the fonts for Procreate that people really like to use is called I Love New York by Joana Rios. This font is perfect for scrapbookers who want to get a feel for the era when New York was booming as a city. One thing that is great about this font is that it does not have the heavy lines and busy numbers that many of the older fonts for Procreate have. Instead, the I Love New York has a very light touch that is just enough to allow one to feel like New York has truly come alive.

Another terrific font for Procreate that can easily be imported from an iPad device is called Papyrus by Astrum. Astrum has received tons of reviews and is easily one of the best fonts for Procreate that can easily be imported into the iPad and rendered as a web font. It has everything that an individual would want in a font and it comes in a user-friendly package that makes it easy to import and use on a webpage.

For those who are still not sure about which fonts for Procreate are right for their needs, there is another option that is becoming very popular. That option is the “draw it yourself” font. These fonts are actually pre-made iPad fonts that can be downloaded and used right out of the box with no customization needed. In many cases, this is a much cheaper alternative than buying an entirely new screen and having it customized but there are many who cannot do this due to either time, lack of technical skill, or just lack of creativity.

Those who can do this kind of work can easily do so because of the innovative Strokes Plus system that Procreate uses. The system allows users to select from hundreds of different “stretching” strokes and mixes them together to form dozens of different fonts for use in a variety of applications. This means that instead of selecting a font, an individual can simply select one of the fonts that can be found in the system and then use these tools to put together their very own typeface. Best of all, because the system supports so many different types of strokes and blends, users are able to change the appearance of their fonts as often as they like without having to purchase yet another application. These fonts can be used for a wide range of projects ranging from websites to billboards and are easy to find and implement thanks to the easy to use Strokes Plus system.


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