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How to Choose the Best Fonts For Procreate

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? Don’t worry-this free video walkthrough will show you how easily, right here in this tutorial. By the time you have finished reading this text, you’ll have a better understanding of how fonts for Procreate work. Here are the basics of fonts for Procreate.

fonts for procreate

Fonts are used on just about every image you see online, or in any other application where you have to set up a layout of text. Just about every other application has some sort of default set of fonts that come with it; however, once you start working on your project, you could very well find yourself wanting to change fonts. This is just one of the reasons why many graphic designers switch their fonts around from one project to the next. One can never have enough decorative fonts for the next project they are working on-just imagine how much better you would feel if you had a whole palette of decorative fonts at your disposal.

The first thing you will want to do when learning how fonts for Procreate work is try pairing an aesthetic font with a character style font. For example, if you were working on a logo, you would want to try pairing a logo font with a lettering font. There are several aesthetic fonts that would look good with a character style font. Fonts like Impact and Arial can blend in very well with the lettering you may be using for your design. For example, Impact has a brush style, and a serif typeface.

Another way to try pairing your fonts for Procreate is to find a design that is similar to your project background or artwork. Try doing a search for a similar-looking font over the Internet. However, make sure you do not replicate the font exactly. If you do, it will look more like a blurry background than a professional design. In addition, your reader’s eyes will lose focus as they try to read the tiny characters you have chosen.

An alternative to trying to pair fonts for Procreate that is an aesthetic font with a character style font is to use a hand-drawn look. Hand-drawn fonts have an expressive quality about them that many people enjoy. You can create your own hand-drawn look by drawing all of the letters yourself. If you have any graphic design experience, you will find that hand-drawn fonts are easier to draw than serif or even block fonts. Once you have the basic concept for your hand-drawn font, all you need to do is draft out the text, add in an outline, and paint the final font onto your page.

When learning how to pair the best fonts for Procreate with your hand-drawn style, you may want to give some thought to purchasing some type of tutorial book or video tutorial that explains how to create your own design. There are many tutorials available online. However, if you would prefer to work with real letters, you can find professionally-printed fonts in many hobby stores and on the Internet as well. You might even be able to borrow some lettering from friends or relatives that you have never seen in person. Once you have your hand-drawn font selected, you will be ready to start creating some creative projects!


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