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How to Choose The Best Fonts For Procreate

fonts for procreate

How to Choose The Best Fonts For Procreate

For many parents, including myself, learning how to create fonts for Procreate is important for planning the perfect wedding. This can be especially handy for those that need or want to create custom invitations. It is also helpful if you want to give your invitations a professional look. In this article, I will show you how to do just that.

Check out this free online walkthrough to see how, right now, using custom fonts for Procreate can help you. We’ll take a look at how using a high quality hand-drawn aesthetic can add special effects to your invites, invitations, announcements and other printed documents. You’ll also learn how to import fonts for Procreate into your word processor, download fonts for Procreate and insert them into your document. Then, test out your newly-created fonts by sending an invitation or making a wedding announcement by clicking on the samples below.

This typeface was inspired by nature, as it is known to reflect light. Icons such as humming birds, landscapes, flowers and other natural objects are incorporated to produce an aesthetic which can be considered painterly. The result is a hand-drawn, one dimensional font which can make it easier to replicate any type of design you might like to include; however, it is best used with text-based fonts.

A landscape is also an excellent example of an aesthetic. The flora and fauna that exist in nature add depth and dimension to an image. To reproduce this effect, a person would need to use a high quality hand-drawn font, such as Courier 12-point or Helvetica. The next project I’ll discuss using fonts for Procreate should focus on designing invitations for a fall wedding.

As soon as the decision has been made to reproduce the fonts for Procreate for a fall wedding invitation, the next step will be to choose the styles of the lettering. In my experience, it’s best to use solid, bold and mono-style fonts for the headings, body of the invitation and footers. You may want to opt for a decorative font for the title and insert details on the front of the envelope. For the body and footers, I prefer a decorative style that isn’t too busy.

To create the wedding invitation, first select the fonts and select the copy tools in order to edit the fonts for Procreate. When you have all of your selections ready, import your fonts. If you’re working on a US English set of fonts, importing the fonts should be easy. If the fonts for Procreate are not in English, the program will prompt you to select a language. Once the language has been selected, you will then need to choose the font style for the project. We recommend that you stick with the default options which are the neutral and dark tones.


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