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How to Choose Hand-Drawn Appealing Fonts For Procreate

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? Just check out this free simple video walkthrough to see how, now. Learn how to import fonts for Procreate into your word processing program, right here right now. Need some help? Learn how to add fonts for Procreate to your document, download fonts for Procreate and import them into the document version of this tutorial.

fonts for procreate

Many individuals try pairing one type of fonts with another, to come up with a “flavor” or unique look to their documents. This is an excellent way to utilize fonts for Procreate without having to re-invent the wheel and get something truly new and innovative. Many designers love to try pairing Monospace fonts with Impact or Georgia fonts for instance. Here is a simple way to do that in Procreate.

By selecting the “IPad” icon in the ” Preferences ” Fonts & Styles” section of the User Interface, one could easily add fonts for Procreate to the currently loaded document. One could select the desired font file to use from the fonts folder on the iPad. After adding fonts, save your file. To indicate that fonts have been successfully added, there should be two text boxes – one for the new font and one for the text that was previously inside the ” fonts for “additional fonts” box. Now, you could paste these into the document.

There are various ways to customize fonts for Procreate. You could add headings by selecting “headings” in the Format toolbar. There is actually a lot of variety available when it comes to designing headings. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate heading for your document, simply copy and paste the selected text into the designated text box. You could change the color of your heading by selecting one of the many color options in the format palette of your iPad.

There are also several other useful add-ons available in the iPad fonts gallery. By browsing through the list, you would be able to find the right brush for every purpose. There are brush types suitable for lines, shapes, space, text, and fill-ins. A great number of brush options include text effects and shadows. To make the best fonts for Procreate even more interesting, you could even combine your selected brush with some of the other items in the gallery.

A final touch to fonts for Procreate is making them editable. You can easily make different changes in each individual letter by using different tools. There is a new option available in iOS 7 called” Editorial,” which makes possible to change your font’s stroke, size, and color all from the same place. For example, you can select a cute display font, then tap” Editorial,” and from there, you’ll be able to alter its style via the options available in the” Font” section. Changing the style does not affect the functionality of your selected letter; it only changes the visual aspect of your chosen letter, making it easier for you to create a hand-drawn aesthetic. fonts for procreate are definitely a must-have app this year.


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