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How to Choose Fonts for Procreate

Never worked with fonts on Photoshop before? Then check out this short free video walk through to see how easy it is to import fonts to Photoshop, right now. Learn how to add fonts to Photoshop, download fonts for Procreate and insert them straight into the exported file.

fonts for procreate

Once the file is imported into Photoshop, you could use this ‘one-touch’ application to make any kind of hand-drawn style statement, whether you are creating an artistic piece or providing intricate details with the stroke and fill tools. To make your fonts for Procreate look as if they have been created by a professional designer, all you need to do is adjust the various parameters such as the shadow and outline, the color, texture and size, according to the preferences set in the font palette. This allows one to change the overall look and feel of the applied design, with practically no trouble at all.

The fonts for Procreate are arranged and placed in the Procreate Interface, so you can select the desired font in the Fonts drop-down menu, which is split into separate categories such as Hand-drawn, Old-English and Modern. For each category, there are several sample fonts that one can select from. Once you have chosen a font, you can apply it to your layout by selecting ‘apply now’. The fonts for Procreate are available in sizes that range from 12 point to 24pt, with each value representing a pixel. A smaller font has a much larger size than a larger font, whereas a bigger font is usually of a lower resolution.

To save your fonts for Procreate in multiple versions, you need to select the ‘import/export’ option from the main ‘applications’ menu. This brings up the export or import settings where you can select the files you want to export, which can be done in one of two ways – by selecting each individual file, or by selecting the entire fonts folder. To import a repeating font, just click on the word or text, and in the ‘applications’ section, click on the option ‘icon font’ to bring up the appropriate icon. Importing repeating fonts is useful when you have a number of images of varying sizes that need to be placed together on the iPad.

The best fonts for Procreate are those that are not too fancy or too small, as this may detract from the overall appearance and readability of the finished product. If possible, choose fonts that are near to normal size, preferably around 12 point font. You may wish to increase the number of characters if this is the case. Selecting a font of a higher width often helps to give a better readability, although it can make the text appear longer and thicker.

For the fonts for Procreate that you place directly onto your iPad, you can either download them from the Apple website or use a font transfer application such as Typeform. There are a number of such font transfer apps available, and it is possible to download fonts for Procreate right from your computer or by using an iTunes gift card. If you have purchased an iPad and intend to use its fonts on it, then the fonts for Procreate that you use with the application should be compatible. For those who have purchased an Apple iPad and wish to use the fonts for Procreate directly, then it is simply a case of downloading the fonts and dragging the files onto the screen. Finally, save the fonts to your device and you can begin using your new iPad.


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