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How to Bring Beauty Out of Ordinary Materials Using Procreate Stamps and Brushes


How to Bring Beauty Out of Ordinary Materials Using Procreate Stamps and Brushes

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To help get you started, we have hand-selected the 30 top Procreate bristle brushes to purchase in 2019. They are guaranteed to cover all your drawing, painting, and drafting needs – plus more! With an extensive shape editor, the user has complete control over the shaping, adding thickness and lightening – allowing for amazing precision with precise detail. This is the ultimate solution for the precision needs of the budding artist.

In addition to the standard bristle brush, there are several unique Procreate shapes that offer innovative solutions to various problems. For example, there is a unique line of glazed petals that are available in two distinct colors. When light glaze is applied to these petals, the result is a three dimensional image that is illuminated from below. This innovative product can create stunning images with little or no paint. With a wide range of standard paint colors and various specialized paints, Procreate can create any type of image desired.

One other feature is found in the Procreate software, called filtering. You can apply one of several Procreate filters to your artwork to enhance it. The Procreate Filter Tool can be used to add depth to your artwork, soften its edges, and isolate, special areas of a picture or photo. This may result in a larger file size, but if you plan to sell your artwork, the extra size is worth it. You may end up with a print-perfect piece of art, while conserving your budget.

The brushes of the Procreate software are quite varied. There are basic geometric shapes and patterns, as well as more advanced tools for shading and detailing. Shapes can include circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and polygonal shapes. Shading can take the form of shadows, highlights, bevels, and gradient shading. These features allow you to create realistic looking drawings, even in a less than perfect medium.

If you want to get fancy, you can combine your Procreate stamps and brushes for a variety of different effects. For example, you can create an embossed effect by pressing on your stamps while your brush strokes are still soft. You can create subtle gradients by tapping on your stamps while your brush strokes are still soft.


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