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How to Blend on Procreate

Your How To Blend On Procreate Magazine is now available on this site. Learn how to create a stunning, unforgettable, and erotic cover for your next procreate page. You’ll see all the steps you need to take and also learn about some great “how to’s” for making your very first Procreate page. The free downloads include a sample of many of the pages found in the How To blends.

how to blend on procreate

If you’re new to using blend modes in your pictures, this article will be an eye-opener. Using simple strokes and quick movements with your brush can make a world of difference in how effective your picture looks. We have learned that using different stroke widths and varying brush lengths can create different effects. For example, if you have a soft touch, you might want to use a finer stroke; if you have more of a rough edge, you might want to go with a coarser/heavier brush. It’s all about the texture and the details.

The most important part of any image editing is to simply understand that you have a basic color wheel, composed of black, white, gray-green, and yellow. By understanding this basic color wheel, you’ll quickly develop the ability to create interesting images by using simple tricks like using contrasting foreground and background colors, or by using complimentary colors. One way to get an effect similar to Photoshop’s “Animated Clipping Mask” is to simply create a clipping mask, fill the upper portion with your primary color and the lower portion with an analogous color (your original), and then apply an alpha mask to the upper portion. The result is an animated clipping mask.

You might also try playing around with the hue wheel, the radial axis, and the skew. You can use the hue and the radial axis using the Radial Blending tool in Procreate. If you’re having trouble getting the desired results, try adjusting the skew to improve the contrast or to help achieve a smooth look. Adjusting the skew will also change the appearance of your brush as it moves about.

You probably know how to blend on Photoshop, but it can be useful to know how to blend on Procreate as well. In order to blend the brush, simply select the brush you’d like to use, and then click the “Bake Blending Options.” Choose the Brush Blending option from the Blending tab. Then click in the drop down box next to “Clip pattern,” and pick “Smudge.” This will produce a blended effect.

If you’d like to create a smooth look, you can simply apply three different shades of the same color to your clipping mask layers. For example, if you’d like to make your subject’s face look light and evenly balanced, you’ll want to use blue, purple and brown. Once you’ve applied these shades to your clipping mask layer, you can blend the blue brush with the purple brush. The result will be a light but noticeable difference.


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