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How To Blend On Procreate – The Easy Way

how to blend on procreate

How To Blend On Procreate – The Easy Way

Wondering how to blend in on Procreate? There are several simple steps you can take that will make your introduction more successful. First, before anything else, learn how to preview your image. This means that you should be able to see the effect you will have on your photo before it is blended in. Some of the more popular blending techniques with the Procreate program are outlined here.

One way how to blend in on Procreate is to use the background function to make your photo come alive. You can change the background color and theme of your background to really bring out the colors of your image. If your photo has a lot of blue in it, you could use the blurring effect to make the blue pop. The same is true for red, orange and yellow.

A popular method of blending is to use the blend mode. With the blend mode, you change the color of your image by clicking on the appropriate square. In this case, the square will be solid black. Use the blending tool or the white paint to make the background color appear as it does in real life.

One of the quickest ways how to blend on Procreate is to use the marquee function. With the marquee function, you create a border for your image. The marquee border appears in a random pattern, which makes it easier to blend your image into the background. To change the border color or pattern, simply click on it. To change the width or the length of the marquee, click and drag it around. You can even do both at once if you prefer.

When you want to know how to blend on Procreate, another option is to use the blend zone function. This functions much like the marquee function, but this time, you create a border effect around your image. The only difference between the two is that you do not see your image until you reach the border. When you click on an object in the border, the software automatically blends your image into the background.

This article has given you a few simple techniques on how to blend on Procreate. You now have the basic knowledge of using the blend mode in the different modes available in the Art software. If you need to learn how to blend on other types of art software, it may be a good idea to purchase a tutorial so that you can learn how to blend on your own. Once you know how to blend on Procreate, you can turn that technique into a very lucrative business for yourself.


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