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How to Blend On Procreate – Step by Step Instructions For Beginners

If you are a new parent wanting to know how to blend on Procreate, chances are you will be worried about the resulting images. Blending on Photoshop is very similar to blending individual photos together. The only difference is that Photoshop allows you to create a ‘destructive blend’. This simply means you can change the color or pattern of two pictures using just one image. To begin, let’s take a look at how to do this in Photoshop.

how to blend on procreate

The first step to master how to blend on Procreate with extended license is to locate the blending options icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your composition area (normally next to your graphics palette). Once you have discovered this icon, double click it to open the appropriate blending tool. Now, click in the color or pattern region of your picture to start the ‘blend’. Photoshop will calculate the blend automatically based on the colors and where they are located within your picture. If you have multiple pictures to blend, just choose the correct picture to start.

When learning how to blend on is to practice experimentation. Don’t worry too much about where your pictures are currently at. Instead, click and drag in different areas to experiment with the blending options. It is important to try out different blending effects to ensure that everything blends well. If not, simply deselect, cleanse and blend to create the desired effect.

Learning how to blend on is to practice with the various blending modes. The main blending mode in Photoshop is currently a ‘white’ blend. You can switch to other blend modes such as ‘black and white’, ‘sepia’ and even sepia with the extended licence.

Experimenting with the blend modes is important because it enables you to understand how the whole picture blends together, rather than just focusing on one area or feature. Most people will be able to blend their picture using a variety of different effect blends. Once you become comfortable with basic blending, you will probably want to try more complex blends such as halos, highlights and shadows. However, before trying these extra features on your images, you should learn how to blend on Procreate in its most simple form.

There are 2 methods for learning how to blend on Procreate. The first method is to use the preview pane to view your work. Click on the the’blend’ tab in the Editing menu and click ‘New’ to bring up the Blending Options dialogue box. This is where you can choose the effect blends to use. Once you have your selections, double-click in the panel to bring up your blend options dialog box.


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