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How To Blend On Procreate – Choose The Right Brush And The Right Tool

Wondering how to blend on Procreate? There are actually several simple steps to do so. While it might not be the easiest things to do or the fastest methods, it can be done! Some of our favorite simple blends on Procreate are below. By giving them a try, you may find that they help your fertility and flow much better.

how to blend on procreate

First, let’s look at the basic blending method. With these simple steps, you will learn how to blend on Procreate. Simply grab two brushes with your fingers – one big one small one. With the large brush, start by brushing in a circular motion around your vagina. Then, using your smaller, Procreate brush, gently brush the inside of your vagina.

Next, try something a little different. Grab your two Procreate brushes again, but this time, apply a different pressure to each of your hands. Instead of brushing in a circular motion like before, use the same pressure as you did for the first step, only you’re applying it to the outer edges of your vagina instead.

The third method we have listed is pretty self explanatory. With this, you take the same Procreate brush that you used to apply the previous methods and lightly brush your vagina in a “saddleback” motion. While this doesn’t work as well as the other blend modes, it is a fun way to show off your unique blend styles.

So, which of these three blending methods sounds like something you might be interested in trying out? If you’re looking for something that will make you look and feel sexier, grab a bottle of KY Jelly on a cotton ball and apply it around your vaginal area. It will add a little bit of luster and make your skin glisten. If you’re more interested in creating a softer effect with your sexual toys, grab some baby powder and lightly rub it around inside your vagina. This can create a soft and pleasant sensation.

Smudge Tool – Smudge tools are one of our favorite blending modes. You can simply smudge yourself on Procreate with this helpful tool in order to create an array of smoky trails or to give you a different kind of texture when you touch yourself. This works best if you want to make your skin look a little brighter. If you want to go with a slightly more discrete smudge tool, grab a tissue and dab away on your own smudges!


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