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How To Blend On Procreate

You probably know how to make a quickie, or how to apply an easy cake… But how to blend on Procreate? Well, you need to learn how to do some quick mixing and you also need to learn how to work with texture and shapes.

how to blend on procreate

If you are going to be blending material like clay (you will be) you need to have the proper tools. There are a few different options. First, there is the standard whisker brush, but this may not be the best option. My recommendation for blending materials would be either a blending brush (my preferred choice) or a high-quality liquid blending brush. These tools should come in either a small or large size.

Blending is usually done with one of two tools: either a blending stick or a soft, long-toothed blending brush. Blending sticks generally have more hairs than other brushes, and they tend to be less controlled. Long-toothed blenders are perfect for working in small areas and creating smooth gradients. In fact, many artists like working with long-toothed blending brushes, as they can easily apply large strokes and smudge. However, keep in mind that these brushes are also easier to damage, so take care when using them.

Now that you have your tools, let’s talk about how to blend on Procreate. With either a blending brush or a whisker tool, begin by making a very rough and general shape. Next, apply a second color, followed by a third, and so on. Be sure to blend just your hands and arms, as well as the furniture around you. It might be tempting to apply a large amount of paint to a large area…but it is very difficult to clean up. The best way to achieve the right effect is to make small circular motions, and to paint in one stroke.

When learning how to blend on Procreate, be sure not to apply any of the previous techniques unless you have mastered the alpha-lock technique. Using the alpha-lock feature allows you to paint in the shapes that you are drawing, and it also prevents you from accidentally clipping areas that are not smooth. Alpha locking is similar to the technique used when applying make up. If you apply too much make up, for example, you will smudge it.

The last tip I will share with you in how to blend on Procreate is to use a little known trick of computer graphics designers – the Clipping Mask. The clipping mask allows you to create a selection area and then fill it with any color or shade of your choosing. You can use the clipping mask to fill in the most unsightly portions of your design. With some careful thought, you can blend on Procreate just as smoothly as you blend in Photoshop.


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