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How To Blend On Procreate

how to blend on procreate

How To Blend On Procreate

For most couples, the answer to the question, how to mix on Procreate would include the use of a sex toy. This particular item, when inserted into the woman’s vagina, will create an electric shock that will help her achieve the orgasm she wants. As you learn how to mix on Procreate here, you will know how to properly use this product to help your lover reach that goal.

In the second part of this how to blend on procreate guide, the author shows you how to position your lover for maximum effect. To begin, it is important to prepare the penetration positions. The positions suggested are for long, deep, inside penetration only. The author recommends the use of a smudge tool for maximum effectiveness and for precise placement. Using an ordinary finger or a lipstick, trace the outline of the fallopian tubes on the inside of your woman’s vagina with a long curving motion using one of the three brushes supplied with the Smudge Tool.

Next, make a large, strong vertical “clipping path” by sweeping your finger over the area you have just traced with the smudge tool. Do this in a clockwise motion, beginning with the far left edge of her vagina. Once you have made a clipping path, make a “step up” by moving your finger leftward towards the tip of your lover’s nose. Next, do the same thing to the far right edge of her lips. You should now have a smooth clear line across the entire area between the two outer walls of her vagina.

Next, begin with the innermost “piece” of your penis. While still in the same general direction as the line you created earlier, simply move your gloved forefinger in a “sizing-up” motion towards the opening of her vagina. This will create the desired smoothness between the two walls and once you have successfully sized-up her vagina, you can begin your second stage of blending. Simply repeat the steps from the first paragraph. You will end up with a blended line that will serve as the border of your how to blend on Procreate birth control cream picture.

One suggestion for the perfect angle for the smudge tools is to hold them at an angle where it is slightly more difficult to see the tip. This helps to create an angle that allows you to better see the detail of the inner linings of the two walls. There is also a wide variety of different shaped brushes to choose from with your how to blend on Procreate kit when learning how to apply the cream correctly. There are the straight up and down brushes that look like a brush and a curved brush that create a more rounded appearance. A straight smudged brush is also useful to help create that great blended look.

The last step in learning how to blend on Procreate is to apply a simple white blotted blusher on your woman’s lower abdomen. Next you need to place a black (or darker shade of black) smudge brush right below this white blushing. Then again, repeat the steps in the previous paragraph. Finally, you want to create a new layer over this smudged black base and name it a clipping mask. The black smudged area that you’ve just applied to your woman’s abdomen should be covered by a new clipping mask layer that contains white, clear dots (blocked out).


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