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How to Blend on Procreate

Your how to mix on Procreate images can be found at this website. Find and download all royalty free images and graphics. If you really re looking for some valuable information on the subject of how to mix on Procreate images, then you need visit the proper website. You will get some real ground breaking information that will really help you with your efforts.

Once you finish up with the brush design tutorial, move on to the next one. The fourth step is to remove any excess paint from your model using the dry brush tool. This is done by selecting the ‘draw’ tool and then using the right size of the brush. Make sure that your image is free from any type of marks or scars. Next you will want to move on to the blending tools that are offered in this particular art app. The fifth step to how to blend on pro create is to open the painting and then go through and select all of the layers you want to apply to your image.

To apply your painting you will need to move to the layer menu and then pick the ‘blend’ option. The sixth step to how to blend on procreate is to pick the ‘new look’ option from the layer menu. Finally you will want to add a clipping path by selecting the ‘ray’ tool and then moving it around inside your chosen drawing medium. The seventh step to how to blend on pro create is to apply the blending analogous colors.

The final step to how to blend on Procreate earlier is to save your masterpiece as a file. This can be done by clicking on the’save image in’. Finally, to show you how to blend on Procreate earlier, let us go back to where we started off. Open up the ‘drawing’ tab and click on the pencil tool. Click on the color you would like to have applied and then fill it within the designated area of the drawing.

One last thing about how to blend on Procreate earlier is to learn how to select and use the blending brush. Now when you start to draw the brush you will notice that there are two selections that are labeled as’minor mode brushes’ and’shapes’. You can use the brushes as you normally would, but when you select them for blending, this will cause them to become active. If you use the brushes you usually select in the painting mode, this will make the brush act like one of the primary drawing tools and will give you a smooth line to work with.

If you need to learn how to blend on Procreate, the easiest way to do so is to import new brushes. When you open the dialog box for exporting or importing brushes, click on the arrow button next to ‘load imported brushes’. The next step is to click on the name of the brush you want to use for the drawing. If you know the name of the brush you want to use, you can just click on it and drag it into the appropriate place on the drawing canvas until it is ready to be used.


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