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How To Blend On Procreate

Learning how to blend on Procreate may not be as difficult as you think it is. You have many options that make learning how to do this a snap. The easiest way is to download the free how to blend on Procreate video course which was designed by photographer Amy Waterman. You can now Download the How To Blend On Procreate 2021 course right here on your computer. Also have got a free demo of How To Blend On Procreate 2021.

how to blend on procreate

This course explains how to do both basic and complex blending techniques with the help of the Procreate touch screen interface. Even if you don’t understand the terms, the video course explains it in a clear and easy to follow manner. One of the most useful and time-saving tips is to use the px effect when you’re working with two images that are cloned from the main image using the in effect while dragging the bottom layer of the cloned image to the top of the main image. You can blend both the images using the Smudge Tool and the Brush Tool.

The blend is created using the Transform tool, the Transform icon located in the options section of the compose panel, the toolbar. It creates a clipping path using the first texture for the cloning and the second texture for the creation of the mask. While dragging either of the textures, ensure that your pointer is on the text portion of the mouse and not on the clipping path. Finally you need to click the arrow on the blending plane so that your blend will appear on your canvas. The how to blend on Procreate tutorial teaches you to use the clipping path, mask and plane so that you can create interesting textured pictures.

The next step on how to blend on Procreate is using the smudge tool. You would use the Smudge Tool to blur the image to make your blended image appear as if it has been lightened or darkened. When using the Smudge Tool, ensure that you’re working in the Paint Bucket tab and not the Brush Book tab or the pen selection area.

After the blend is created, deselect it using the Move tool and the arrow keys. Then select the scale option and in order to create a clipping path, deselect all the vertices. Click on the Move again and choose the anchor option from the clipping path pick list. Finally select the Enter key at the bottom of the screen. This command will make Procreate automatically reposition the anchor points where you want them.

Once you have finished the blending process, you can simply apply a finishing touch by adjusting the alpha mask. This is similar to the adjustment that you will make to the Clipping Mask. You simply need to enter the values that you found during the blending stage into the Alpha Mask section. The Alpha Mask in this program is very easy to use with the sliders being easily manipulated and having large selections making it easy to create an effective mask for your final blend.


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