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How To Blend On Procreate

Knowing how to blend on Pomeranian dogs can be a wonderful skill to have. This is a wonderful way to increase the pleasure of having a pet that is cuddly and snuggly, as well as allow the puppy or dog owner to know how to handle and manage their particular pets. By learning how to blend on Pomeranian dogs, you can help make your life a little easier by easing your mind, and helping to provide happiness to your pet. Some of the more popular blending techniques on the Procreation software include:

Blending in with Pomeranian gentians. With this technique you will be able to integrate the gentian versions of your Pomeranian into the mix. This method of blending analogous colors on your Procreate dog makes it easy to match your dog to its human family member. Some of the more common blending analogous colors with Pomeranian gentians are listed below.

Soft Blending. You can use the soft blending technique by using a small amount of water and a soft toothbrush. Start in the center of your Pomeranian and lightly brush in all directions using a low, steady motion. You want to create soft, lacy clouds on your surface. To get a good result with this technique, it is highly recommended to brush in at least five separate strokes; you want to create layers of cloudiness.

Hard Blending. This is a much more aggressive blend mode for Pomeranian. To create a hard effect while keeping the warm, flattering color of your Pomeranian’s coat, use two different shades of your Pomeranian’s coat color, and then brush in using a very quick, strong stroke.

Paint Toward Dry. When your session is complete, you can simply put your iPad and iPod Touch through repeated cycle of drying. It may take several hours for each individual session, but you should do your best to complete this task in under 24 hours. In this tutorial i’m going to teach you how to do exactly that. The first step is to remove any excess paint from your brushes or sponge.

Once you’ve taken away any excess paint you have on your brushes, you will next need to create a coordinating, complimentary color palette with your Pomeranian. Use a standard color wheel by clicking on your mouse and moving your mouse wheel in different directions to view different color combinations. Your Pomeranian’s coat of fur is the most predominant color in this example, so select that color to begin. The next step in this how to blend on Procreate tutorial series is to set up a simple clip path by dragging your mouse cursor straight inside the picture you want to place your image on.


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