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How to Blend On Procreate

If you are wondering how to blend on the Procreate tattoo, you need to know that it is pretty easy and simple once you learn how. With this in mind, it will be important to start with some basic steps in order to get you started. Once you know how to blend on the Procreate tattoo, you can use it more frequently and easily. Some of the best blended in Procreate tattoo tips include following these steps:

how to blend on procreate

Some of the best blended in Procreate tattoo tips include dragging an item from the screen and then using the Procreate tool’s blending brush to make a smooth, smudged line between it and whatever you have in mind. This might seem like a simple thing to do, but many people do not do it the right way. You should start by selecting an item and then dragging it onto your skin. When you want to blend in the Procreate brush, all you need to do is drag the entire thing onto your skin and you will find that you will now have a nice blended effect. There is a little bit of time involved, but this is all part of getting the right look.

The second step in how to blend on the Procreate tattoo involves making a selection or an anchor point on the selected object. To do this, click anywhere inside the selected area and then you will see a little drop down menu which says Alpha lock. Click on the Alpha lock icon and you will see that the selected area will become black. Now it is time to do some blending!

The last step in the how to blend on the Procreate tattoo technique involves using the clipping path tools to move the selected objects. First select the down arrow and drag from the lower selection area to the top selection area. Now click at the end of the chosen path to close the path. When you are done clicking, move the cursor inside the area and create some space between the cursor and object so that you can make some strokes on the chosen object easily. For the purpose of this how to blend on the Procreate tattoo tutorial we need to create some white points or lines with the elliptical and black strokes.

The next step in how to blend on the Procreate tattoo tutorial involves doing some experiments with different effects. There are a lot of tools and options available on the Photoshop which you can experiment with and learn how to blend on the Procreate tattoo with. In the blend mode you will find the Brush tool, the gradient tool and also the airbrush tool. Experiment with these different effects and see which one suits you best. For this tutorial, I suggest creating a 3D effect with the airbrush tool.

This option is not really necessary as you can just use the normal brushes for blending. To create the 3D effect, open up the default paint palette. Select a bunch of bold colors like dark reds, deep purples and black. Now use the blend mode and choose from the various blending options available. If you would like to create some interesting effects then experiment with the Alpha lock blend option.


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