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How To Blend On Procreate

If you’re wondering how to apply makeup on Procreate, this article will show you the process. Whether you are new to using Procreate or not, you will find a few useful tips here that can help improve your application skills. I’ll also reveal which makeup products you’ll need for each application and offer a few words of advice as well.

how to blend on procreate

To begin with, one of the simplest ways how to blend on Procreate, is to use the Contour Palette feature. By default, all of your MAC kits come standard with this feature, allowing you to quickly and easily create an image of how your eyes and face look. The first step to master how to blend on Procreate, is to locate the igatepalette icon located in the lower right of your main composition area (most likely next to your images button).

Click the blue button to open the soft blending tool, then find your inner eye’s outer edge and click the centre of your circle. The resulting shape should be roughly circular, and is basically the image of your eye. Next, find your inner most brow line and click it. The resulting shape is now a line between your brows and the outer edge of your eyelid.

The next tip, how to blend on Procreate, is to know about the different modes that your MAC makeup kit comes equipped with! The majority of MAC makeup tools come standard with either, a ‘creamy powder ‘mode; a ‘loose powder ‘mode; a ‘cream eyes ‘mode; and a ‘luminous powder ‘mode. Which mode you use is really down to personal preference – testing them out before applying them is a good idea. Experimenting with all of these modes will help you to get the look you want, without ruining your makeup bag.

Finally, once you’ve got your basics sorted out, it’s time to practice and experiment with the other blend modes. The majority of kits come with two separate brushes: one for applying foundation and another for setting shadow on the eyelid. Try out each brush to apply a variety of different effects, and don’t forget to take a look behind you to make sure that your eyes are clear. Once you’re happy with your foundation/shadow application, move onto the second part of learning how to blend on Procreate.

There are a few different blend modes that you can learn how to use on the Procreate palette. The first is called ‘weighted shadows’. This means that when you drag the brush from the base of your nose to the outer edges of your eye, it makes the color of the brush float over your skin. Another useful mode is called ‘chunking’. Here, you simply drag a single brush from one area of your face to the next, and the color of the brush blends with the color of your face. These are just some of the many blend options you have available, so once you start experimenting with them on the palette, you’ll soon know how to blend on Procreate the way that you like best.


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