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How to Blend on Procreate

The question of how to blend in on reproduce is one that many women ask, especially as their friends’ daughters are having babies. How to do this without looking like a complete freak? The answer is very simple, just learn how to use the reproductive skills that you have already acquired and master them. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with both parents, good for you-it’s time to use what you’ve got. Otherwise, you will need to learn some skills that you won’t ever use again.

how to blend on procreate

The key to mastering the art of blend is know how to use the basic tools-contrast, light, shade, and alpha mask. It’s a lot easier than it sounds to blend all these elements together and create an illusion of depth. If you are new to blending, try using the contrast tools-the sliders on the top right of the screen that affects the colors. Light is color which makes the background look lighter and darker colors, such as light blue, appear to be bluer and lighter. Shade is different a dark brush can make a bright color appear to be a pale color, for example, while using a feather brush can make a color appear to be a pale gray. Alpha mask is simply a tool that creates a mask around objects so that they are visible when you view them from any angle.

So, if you want to know how to blend to reproduce correctly, let’s get started. First, use the contrast tool in Photoshop. Select the gradient option and choose the “compose to blend” option. Once you have done so, select the shape tool and choose the new “Clipping Mask.” Now you are ready to learn how to blend in to reproduce with the alpha channel the black channel, that is.

The next step is to create a “pop up” with the clone stamp tool. Use the rectangular selection tool to create a selection square over the area you want to merge. Click on “copy,” then double-click the selection square to enter copy mode. Next, with the use of the shape tool, click and drag along the upper left corner of the selected square to create a clone. Then with the use of the pen tool, create a line from the clicked area to the center of the clone.

The last step is to blend this area using the alpha-lock feature. Using the effect of the alpha lock, you will lock in the color and once you release the alpha lock, the color will change back to the original. That’s pretty much how to blend to reproduce correctly… it’s really quite easy actually.

Of course, there are more advanced techniques that will help you create an image that is absolutely gorgeous. For example, you can use the clone stamp tool with some Photoshop tricks, such as the use of the multiple cloning technique, or even the quick masking option. The last thing that I will tell you about is the value of a perfect drawing to mimic. In fact, when it comes to how to blend on reproduce, the final step is to create a flawless drawing… after all, perfect drawings are what make drawing so very enjoyable.


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