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How to Blend on Procreate

So, how to blend on Procreate is a question asked by many women who are beginning to become parents. While the answer to that question may not be simple for some, it really comes down to practice. While learning how to use the program, it will be helpful if you have some knowledge of how to use brushes. This way, you can blend your way from hard to use layers to a quick and easy application without any mess or fuss.

how to blend on procreate

First off, the simplest way to blend a shape is to just use a single brush. There are a few different ones that you can use, including the straight edge brush, the round edge brush, and even the oval and rectangular brushes. All you have to do is use these same two strokes on each of your four layers. Once you let go of the tool, you will automatically move from layer to layer and begin the process all over again.

The process of applying your artwork is similar to applying an image with Photoshop. You start by creating a new project in the Programmer’s Toolbox; choose Blur Gallery from the drop down menu. Next, click the “Clipping Mask” icon to add a new tool. The most basic blending brush in the program is the round brush, but you can also experiment with other shapes, such as squares and ovals. You can experiment with different widths to get a better effect.

When trying to blend the design elements in your Procreate images, it can often be difficult to determine where to begin. To get started, you can add a little bit of color to the image you are working on by selecting a Brush from the tools palette. Using the “Alpha Lock” feature is helpful, as well. This allows you to lock in the color before beginning to blend.

One easy way to blend the background of your artwork is to use the Alpha Blending option. By holding the “shift” key while using the blending basics, you will lock in the alpha blend mode. Alpha blending uses much less processing power than the traditional method, but can make for some interesting effects. You can see an example of this in the next section.

When learning how to blend on Procreate, you might notice that there are two different sized brushes with the blending toolbar. These are the normal brushes and the smudge brushes. The size of the brush needed to affect the transparency and color within the drawing. If you need to apply very thick lines, you can use the largest brush possible, whereas if you want to soften the image, you can use a much smaller brush.


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