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How To Blend On Procreate

It can be an overwhelming experience for any woman who wants to learn how to blend on Procreate. However, if a woman keeps her head straight and her eyes closed, the learning process can be relatively easy. To start, she must know exactly what types of brushes are available for use on the stage. Once a woman knows which tools to use, it will be easier to get the precise look she is going for on the stage.

how to blend on procreate

One of the simplest ways on how to blend on Procreate is with a smudge tool. The first step in understanding how to blend on Procreate is to find the Brush Options icon located at the bottom of the screen. Once you have found this icon, double click the Brush Selection Tool to open the selection palette. This will show you the various brush selections that can be made on the stage.

Next, a woman must select a color from the palette that she wants to use as the basis for her makeup. Once she has selected a color, she must select a style from the clip art palette. Each of the four styles available – Stroke, Straight Blending, Weighted, and Pasted – is useful for creating the specific look she is going for on stage. The blend style chosen is determined by the size of the selection square that is created in the outline of the eye makeup.

Once she has all of these tools available to her, it will be easy for her to create the precise look she desires on the stage. Each of the four blending techniques mentioned previously can be used to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip colors to the eye area. In addition, she can blend a few smudge brushes together using the standard round bristles. These will give her a great selection of different finishes to choose from.

As she blends using these procreate blending tools, she will need to move from one blend mode to another. To do this, she will simply click on one of the clippers in the selection palette and then drag it to a new location. She will then drag the other clippers out of the way and click them again to continue moving through each mode. There are many blend modes available for a single program, but Procreate allows the user to select between Wet, Dry, and Glossy.

To end, a woman can make the most of the many new tools provided to her with the How to Blend On Procreate Photoshop Plugin. These new tools allow the user to make precise, natural, and beautiful eyes and eyebrows that are unique to each person. Blending on Procreate can be done quickly and easily using the new brushes and blending techniques the How to Blend On Procreate Plugin provides.


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