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How to Blend on Photoshop by Using the Appropriate Blending Tools

You can now easily download free how to blend on Procreate video tutorial here. The how to blend on Procreate videos teaches you how to choose the right colors, then use the mixer to mix them effectively. The major difference between these two mixing tools is how they actually work. You’ll be able to see how to blend on Procreate and get some fantastic results.

how to blend on procreate

Blending on Procreate is really very easy because everything happens before you see it. In fact, you are in the middle of a mental exercise, where you have to visualize what you want while simultaneously playing with the sliders and dragging the brushes. This is done by holding down both the X and Y buttons together. Once this is done, you will then see two little buttons with four different icons. Click on the pink one, which is the blending button and the one in the green circle. Both these icons start out at full volume, but once you release the touch button, the sounds that come out of your mixing desk will change to a lower volume.

If you want to learn how to blend on Procreate, you need to understand the blending modes first. This is something that you will get to learn in this Procreate step by step tutorial. These are the basic blending modes that you can use on this amazing program. Each mode has its own purpose, and there are even more hidden features inside as well. Knowing these things will help you be successful in making the most of the way you work with your pictures.

The first mode that you’ll learn here, called “Clipping Mask”, will allow you to blur the image with the use of the sliders. The amount of blur that you will apply to an image will be determined by the width and height of the selections that you have made in the selection square. You can create as many selections as you want within the selection square, and each one will blur the image a little bit. To make it easier for you to understand, you’ll notice that each selection is being dragged vertically. You can move your mouse cursor up or down while dragging a selection square.

The next mode that you will learn how to use in this Procreate step by step tutorial is the “Clipping Mask Brush”. This is a new feature that was added to Photoshop a few years ago, and it is very useful. This feature allows you to create different effects by simply clicking on the brush that you want to use. When you click on the brush, you’ll see four different handles. The top handle is shaped like an hourglass, the middle handle is shaped like a square, the two handles on either side of this handle are shaped in the same way, and the bottom handle is shaped like a pinpoint. All of these different handles give you several different options for how you want to proceed with the blending process.

If you need to create lines, shapes, and other beautiful images, the blending process can be as easy as using the alpha-lock feature. If you have been using the Smudge Tool along with the alpha lock, you may be surprised to know that the alpha lock is not actually a feature of the smudge tools. The alpha lock simply slows down the blending process so that you do not accidentally blur something in your image. You can experiment with this feature to create some very interesting effects, but if you really want to get some amazing images, you should learn how to blend on Procreate by using the appropriate brushes.


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